21-Year-Old Malaysian Quit Studies and Blog Full-time

edward khoo logoEdWard Khoo, a 21-year-old Malaysian decided to quit his studies and become a full-time blogger.

Edward wrote an email to thank me because an article “Journey to become Pro-Blogger” I published in 2005 has inspired him to become a full-time blogger.

Following my advice to start with part-time blogging, Edward has become a successful blogger after 2 years of hard work.

He is now contributing weekly guest articles for Sin Chew Jit Poh (Malaysia’s most popular Chinese newspaper) on “make money with blogging” column.

Edward also bought himself an Apple Macbook Pro laptop.

My two cents

First of all, I feel glad that an article of mine could inspired a reader and changed his life. It is priceless!

However, I don’t think it is a good idea to quit studies and turn into full-time blogging. You could miss many things which are only available in college: knowledge, fun, friends, life, etc.

As an uncle, I often miss the times when I was in the college. That’s a great memory in your life.

Since Edward has decided to become a full-time blogger, I would suggest him to do part-time studies and get a related certificate (web development).

Yes, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both quit their college studies and still become successful. But we are not living in their time.

Here is my another advice: “Always has a backup plan.”

Over to You

Should one quit studies for full-time blogging? Is MONEY more important than STUDIES? What are your opinions?

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36 thoughts on “21-Year-Old Malaysian Quit Studies and Blog Full-time”

  1. Congratulation to you, Edward Khoo. Well done! Path of success to be a blogger now. But I think he must keep study first, and to do blogging as a part-time job daily. it must a good plan indeed to him.Another that, I think the knowledge and studying important to anythings now. As I have had working shopping centre restoran now, after the job I have still got comment blog, own website to manage and to do my personal things to pursue my dream and impovement myself. Whatever, I will support you, Edward Khoo. to be a full-time blogger and website owner always is my dream,although it is not easy for me. What do you think about my lifesyle ?

  2. Haha I always think that passion > studies, that’s why I decided to take on this route. Money isn’t the motivation, it’s doing something that I like + freedom that gives me the idea of being a full time blogger.

    Once again thanks for the post :D

  3. Yea… My advise is also the same. Study is still study, get some qualification related to it or learn some other thing to be ahead of people. It’s better to have some qualification, furthermore he is able to make living out of it, invest some money in education will do no harm. Even working adults also take up part time studies to gain new knowledge, what’s more a young man like him. Wish him all the best.

  4. I think it would be best to for him to keep studying while blogging, then after his studies are complete, then he can go full-time.

    A backup plan is always important, who knows what the future brings?

  5. 21 year old is a golden age for every man above 30.
    Why? Edward, please think seriously. Every man should try or play all new things or knowlege before getting to stick to marriage, own family and something job.
    But now you are starting to stick to this unconfimed life time job.
    Besides the power of money, colud you see the kind of blogger life that you want? Please think.

    After college, you will have many true friends that can be keep in touch by facebook now, from their news you gain joy of friendship, sweet memories.

    21 year old is sweet and unforgetable for every man.
    But it is not about your blogging, your veterant, your success of money.

    and i also understand you are young and has more beautiful plans about internet or blogging life, because i am 35 year old now, and i have 21 year old as you, but my campus life inspires me thinking about my future about human about earth about love.

    Study makes us think better.

  6. well.. ambition and passion are the must to keep things moving.. but i agreed with liewcf, always has a backup plan..

    sometime things look EASY but in fact, it is VERY DIFFICULT for most of us.

    that’s why many “rich” bloggers started their making money blog in part time basis and when the income steady, only do it full time.

    anyway, wish edward khoo all the best in his online entreprenuer life.

  7. hi Liew,

  8. hi Liew,

  9. Study expand and broaden ones point of view. Besides that, some knowledge is inevitable cultivated from formal education only. Think twice before do, plan B is always worth to spend some time on it.

  10. It’s always easy to make decission when things goes smoothly. But situation will not be the same always. When in hard times, your knowledge and experience will be the one with you, not MONEY. So being a blogger for 2 years actually have earned him not only Money, but experience and knowledge as well. Hope he can further his journey with more success. Congratulations!

  11. Money is important, but Education is more important. A man without a good education can’t go far.

    I studied in Limkokwing for 5 years, spend a year working and then continued my studies in Australia for two years, master in architecture. Regrets? No. It is an eye opening experience.

    you only spend 5 years studying, but your entire lifetime working. What is the rush? Edward Khoo should have completed his studies.

    • Ngan,Prior to quitting my studies, I have spent a year in Argentina as an exchanged student. Although it’s only 365 days, I have learned some valuable lessons that I am sure it would be useful in my career. The experience, the things that I have gone through, etc. It’s something that’s hard to explain with words.Yes, I do agree with you that education is important. When I quit my studies, I dont completely stop studying. I still learning on my own as I always think that learning is a lifetime process. Everyday I have been lurking around blogs & Twitter looking for information & spent countless of time absorbing those info. I dont want to spend the rest of my life working, that’s why I choose full time blogging. For me doing something that I like is not the same as working, it’s having fun with your hobby & learning something new everyday. If you really know me as a person then you will know money has never been the main reason I choose this path.No hard feelings here, just want to tell you that I have done lots of preparation before I made the decision

  12. i think before someone quit their study, make sure u have a back up plan like “if i’m fail in full time blogger, i will continue my study”

    unless u really confident will success in full time blogger

  13. I agree with natasha & kevin abt having a backup plan, I’d say if possible have several backup plans :-)

    Having said that & been working for over 10 years, gosh, I feel old, I see 2 spectrum of people. Those who know from a young age what they want to do, & those who are not sure until much later. If you are in the first category, then by all means, go for it.

    If you are in the second category, my thought is don’t burn your bridges & be self employed straight away. If possible, try to work in a company or position you think you might like & get paid to learn first, even if the pay is less. If it works out, great. If not, at least someone else foot your “training & exploring” stage.

  14. If only there is a degree for blogging, LiewCf could have got a phd on this. Edwardkhoo maybe his first degree. – just that the field is not formalised in the education system yet. (think about it) . a person have to acquire some skills to make money online. Whenever there is a learning curve involved, there is ‘education’ and process of learning going on.


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