5 Alternative Usage Of Your Dormant PayPal Fund

PayPalPayPal is the biggest e-currency on the internet. But the problem for Malaysians is, we can’t directly withdraw the money to our bank. Though there are solutions, but not everyone of us would want to withdraw the money, especially those with lesser than 100 bucks sitting on their account.

Tip: Learn how to withdraw PayPal money in Malaysia.

So, I would like to make a post specially dedicated to the readers of LiewCF Tech Blog (not that it has any room to fit in my blog) about how you really don’t need to withdraw your money out.

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1. Online Shopping

Yeah. Your spouse might limits your shopping budget. You can always say: “Well, we can’t withdraw these fund, so we might as well spend it”. Go on a shopping spree. My personal favourite is YesAsia and YesStyle (credit card only). And yes, they do ship to Malaysia.

2. Investment

In real life, you buy real estate like land and houses. On the internet, you buy websites and domain names or what we called Internet Real Estate. Domaining is the hottest, booming industry this year. It is the business of buying a domain name and speculating to sell it higher to someone else in future. Almost every domain name registrar accept PayPal. Several better registrars I recommend are: DomainSite, NameCheap and GoDaddy.

3. Pay Your Bills

I’m talking about your web hosting bills. A lot of Malaysia Web Hosts accept PayPal. Most of them did not state it on their website. So, just ask their customer service/billing team about this payment method.

4. Outsourcing

The world is flat. With PayPal, it is even flatter. Almost every freelancers in the world accept and love PayPal. Get them to do your delegated task and pay them with your excess PayPal fund. I get my freelancers from DigitalPoint forum.

5. Donation

What feels better than donating for a good cause. Type “charity” on the PayPal shop search will leave you much options to do so.

So here you go, the methods where you can shop, invest, pay bills, outsource and donate with your hard-earned PayPal money. And this sums up my guestpost at LiewCF. ;)

Contributed by: Lim CS, who blogs about SEO, PPC and Social Media at Get Found. He is also a long time webmaster and get to know LiewCF thru the forum he administers – Webmaster Malaysia.

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