ads format 300x250

Google AdSense New Larger Half Page (300×600) Ads Format

ads format 300x250

Google AdSense added a new “half page” (300×600 pixels) ads format, the largest Google ads size ever.

According to Google’s Display Business Trends(PDF), the 300×600 is one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions. The more visually impactful ad size is preferred by advertisers, it provides a larger space for advertisers to deliver their message across.

Because 300×600 ads format is still new, you will see a large number of text ads in the ad format. In fact, 300×600 is so new that Google AdSense hasn’t updated the ads format page to add 300×600 example ad.

Here is the 300×600 sample I created for you to have a feel of the ads size:

Google AdSense half page 300x600 ad format (full size)
Google AdSense half page 300×600 ad format (full size)

What do you think about 300×600 ad format? Is it too big? Or, it can fit in website well?

LiewCF’s AdSense Tips

300×600, as you have already guessed it, it’s best to insert into website’s sidebar. Either left or right, depends on your web design and AdSense performance testing result.

The ideal ads in 300×600 should be image ads or rich media ads. I don’t think text ads will work well in the large tall vertical block.

Google AdSense 300×600 ad format is not dynamic, its size is fixed. It would be great if it is dynamic ad that could automatically switch in between 300×250 and 300×600 based on the best performance ads.

Have you tried 300×600 AdSense ad? How does it perform on your sites? Share with us in the comment below.

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