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After Ebay Explained 2006

Ebay Explained 2006 (KLCC)This is a follow-up of Ebay Explained 2006 event in Malaysia. It was a great experience to attend such a big event.

First of all, I was not satisfied by the performance of the event organizer. Firstly, they changed the venue last minute. Secondly, many members did not receive confirmation letter. Then, the event was delayed till 3:00pm instead of starting at 2:00pm on that day.

I did not receive the confirmation letter as well, and the organizer had no records of me! Anyway, they still let me in. Otherwise, you would have been reading my complains here. :P

While waiting, I met a few online friends such as CJCM and Colbert.

Ebay Explained 2006
I met local bloggers at Ebay Explained 2006. From Left: CJCM, Colbert, and me

Ebay Explained! 2006

The Ebay Explained! 2006 speaker was Griff, a guy who looked like Santa Claus. He was a great presenter. His talk was very informative and humorous at the same time.

What did I learn?
Ebay business is just like any other real life businesses, you need a proper business plan, customer service, and so on. It is very important to maintain a good customer relationship. Return customers are big cash.

Ebay is an online business. It is easy to check your competitors’ strategies. Ebay provides many tools to help your online business either free or at a fee.

PayPal for Malaysians
Full PayPal account feature for Malaysians was a hot topic during the FAQ section. The PayPal representative promised to deliver full PayPal accounts features (ability to withdraw PayPal funds locally) to Malaysians by the end of 2007. Let’s wait and see.

If you can’t wait anymore, there is a solution to withdraw PayPal funds from local ATM. Yes, I am using this method. :)

My Ebay business?

I am planning to start my Ebay business soon. Perhaps partner with my friend or work on my own. The products are not tech related but have high profit margin.

Will I succeed? Not sure, but no harm trying. It is important to take the action first, isn’t it?

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