Amazing Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Like millions of you, I was amazed by the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening ceremony! Well done, China!

beijing 2008 olympics firewords

Here are some of the amazing scenes:

The flying Olympic rings — The first time we saw Olympics rings that fly. They seems like made up by thousands of stars… carrying by the angels.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening flying rings

Taiji performance by thousands — they have been practicing for year for the taiji performance. It is amazing that they changed different shapes yet the group is still neat and tidy.

taiji performance of the beijing 2008 opening ceremony

By the way, the on floor electronic display is amazing! Who knows what is it?

Chinese Superman — Li Ning carries the Olympic torch and lifted to the air and walk on the wall like a superman to light up the Olympic flame.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony - Superman

The Olympic flame — a very special, unique shape of Olympic flame. It looks like a scroll end, twisted and Olympic torch alike.

The Olympic Flame

With the lit of Olympic flame, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is officially started. More information at the official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

(Photos from Beijing 2008 Photo Gallery)

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14 thoughts on “Amazing Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony”

  1. Even I’m not a China citizen but i felt very “Proud” and “Amzed” that Olympics opening ceremony so wondeful and amazing! Congratulate to you China! I’m Proud of you China!

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

  2. I’m writing about this too on my blog.. it was a brilliant show ever!! especially the lifting up and run on the gigantic screen with torch!

  3. I shared the same feeling with Liew for the amazing scenes during the opening ceremony of Olympics 2008 @ Beijing, China. The opening ceremony was a historical event, with combination of China inventions, innovative ideas, technology, united citizens etc. The way they presented China and Chinese to the world was indeed marvelous, especially their culture, arts, and unity.

  4. I watched this on NBC. For those of you who are wondering, the scroll in the middle was made by LCD projectors. The sreen that the flame is on is the largest lcd projectionn in history! Also, if you were there you missed fireworks in the shape of footsteps “walking” from the center of Beijing to the stadium at one point, to signify how far they’ve come. I am proud. This shows to everyone that even the most war torn and challenged country can work together. This time it was just China working to get attention (amazing!). Imagine what we, as a united people, could accomplish together! We have what we need to do anything we want to do. The only thing we need is unity.
    Wow. Why can’t I sound like this in school?
    P.S. I liked the drums at the beginning!

  5. I watch Li Ning’s clip in youtube for 4 times..
    Im impressed the way he runs!running with wires on is damn hard..upon his age..and the distance..

  6. The ceremony was spectacular. Five thousand years of Chinese history flowed on a huge LED scroll that unrolled to chapters of China’s 5,000-year civilization.


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