Apple iOS 4.3 Features

Apple iOS 4.3

Apple iPad 2 will be shipped with iOS 4.3, the latest update version of the mobile operating system. Read on to learn about the new features of iOS 4.3.iOS 4.3 offer better mobile Safari web browser performance that run JavaScript up to 2x faster as in iOS 4.2.

New iTunes Home Sharing allows you to play your entire Mac/PC iTunes library (music, video, podcast, etc) on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch over WiFi network, without having to download or sync. iOS 4.3 also enhanced AirPlay wireless streaming to Apple TV.

For iPad, iOS 4.3 allows you to customize the switch at the side of iPad to lock screen rotation or mute the volume in Settings. It’s up to you now. (Many people complained to Apple when they changed the screen rotation lock to mute switch)

For iPhone 4, now you can create a Personal Hotspot to share cellular data connection with other WiFi capable devices. You can share with up to 5 devices over WiFi, Bluetooth and USB, with maximum 3 connections via WiFi. Personal WiFi Hotspot auto switch off to save battery life when not in use.

iOS 4.3 will be released on 11 March 2011. It is a free update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

My two cents

I like the iTunes Home Sharing feature. No 3rd party app needed for video streaming from computer. Now I can watch my favorite movies saved in desktop computer using my iPad on bed!

Too bad that personal hotspot only is for iPhone 4. I was hoping for the feature for iPad 3G (good battery life), so that I can share the cellular data package with my iPhone and computers.

Now, you can either jailbreak iPad or use a wireless modem (read my review of Huawei E5832 3G wireless modem) to share wireless broadband connection.

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