ASUS Padfone, the Combo of Smartphone and Tablet

Asus padfone smartphone tablet

ASUS Padfone, the combo of a smartphone and tablet, has been announced during COMPUTEX Taipei 2011. Though ASUS hasn’t revealed the specifications and details about the Padfone, here are some of the product information we collected.

What is ASUS Padfone?

ASUS Padfone is a combo of Android smartphone and tablet. The tablet part of Padfone doesn’t work by itself, it’s merely a dummy 10.1-inch display with extended battery, speakers and input/output ports.

You dock the 4.3-inch smartphone into the back of the dummy tablet to act as its “brain”. Then, you get a working tablet computer which will share the data and 3G connection of the smartphone.

The display switching is done by dynamically and seamlessly. The smartphone inside also gets charged by tablet’s built-in battery.

The benefits of Padfone

  1. No hassle to transfer data in between tablet and smartphone.
  2. One SIM cards for both tablet and smartphone (calls & Internet access).
  3. Tablet as expanded display and extended battery.

Next generation Android OS?

Rumor says that it will run the next generation Android operating system, code name: Ice Cream Sandwich, which is designed for both smartphone and tablet. The new OS to be released a 4th quarter of this year.

ASUS Padfone videos

The following are the related ASUS Padfone videos:

ASUS Padfone – Enjoy the benefits of both Pad and Phone

ASUS Padfone – Behind The Scene

ASUS PadFone Announcement

My two cents

Somehow, it reminds me of BlackBerry Playbook tablet which is wirelessly connected to BlackBerry smartphone to share the personal data.

ASUS Padfone is a better idea in my opinion. It doesn’t only solve the data syndication problem but also allowa you to use one SIM card for two devices (read: save cost).

So far, we don’t know how well the mobile applications will support the dual display sizes (4.3-inch and 10.1-inch). Will the apps have two different user interface designs like the universal iOS apps, plus swith automatically during docking or undocking?

We can’t wait to get our hands on ASUS Padfone. How about you?

[image by Engadget]

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