Automattic Stats for Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs

skeltoac released an Automattic Stats WordPress plugin for WordPress users. Automattic Stats is familiar to WordPress.COM bloggers because it is the default free web statistics for their blogs.

You need to get a free WordPress.com API key to install the Automattic Stats for your self-hosted WordPress blogs.

After installing Automattic Stats (or WordPress.com stats), you will get a “Global Dashboard” link under WordPress.com Blog Stats on your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress.com Blog Stats link

Clicking the link will lead you to WordPress.com Global Daskboard(dashboard.wordpress.com) where you can get the Blog Stats of your self-hosted WordPress blog.

The WordPress.com Stats will take a few minutes before it can display your first stats report. Here is sample screenshot of WordPress.com Blog Stats report:


Beside a flash graph of last 30 days traffic, the statistics report also shows referrers, top posts, search engine terms, clicks, and incoming links.

Another feature of WordPress.com Stats is that it does not record stats of logged in WordPress users (you!). Don’t need to worry your own visits will generate inaccurate traffic report. :)

My two cents

I have many web statistics for my blog, do I need another? While we have detail stats like Google Analytics, Automattic Stats (WordPress.com Stats) has a simple and straight forward report.

I will use Automattic Stats for daily traffic review and other complex stats such as Google Analytics for weekly review. However, I wish Automattic Stats can be integrated into my own blog dashboard.

Download Automattic Stats and tell me what do you think about it!

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