Review: Bookurve – Malaysia Online Bookstore with Free Delivery

Bookurve homepage
Bookurve homepage

Every Malaysian book lovers would agree that books in Malaysia are very expensive. Bookurve is a new online bookstore to offer books with discount and free delivery within Malaysia.

Bookurve online bookstore review

The website is simple and clean. No fancy slideshows. Front page is lising lighning deals for fiction & non-fiction books. You can search the book you want using the search bar located at the top right corner, which I think it should have a bigger size and more obvious postion.

bookurve book details
bookurve book details

Each book page includes a big book cover image, book information, description, ratings (pull from iTunes store) and the prices in different format (hardcover, paperback, iBookStore). You are required to register a free membership to order books.

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Based on my quick check, the book price is generally cheaper than other Malaysia online bookstore, MPHONLINE.COM. For example, MPHONLINE sell “The Power of Habit” for RM66.90 + RM7 shipping fee. Bookurve is selling the same book at RM53.50 include free shipping. But, it has slower book delivery time of 10-15 business day, while MPHONLINE takes 3 to 5 business days. They have a fast delivery page listing all books that can shipped within 3 working days.

Bookurve checkout
Bookurve checkoutook

Bookurve accepts local bank transfer (CIMB and MayBank) as the only payment method. It would be better if it can process credit card payments too. Manual offline payment checking is not a good idea for any online store in long run.

For Malaysians who have BB1M (Baucar Buku 1Malaysia), you can use the book vouchers to order book too. The catch? You have to do it manually as described here.

LiewCF’s Two Cents

It is great to have another online bookstore in Malaysia selling books at competitive prices. I will check and compare book price on Bookurve againsts other bookstores. I wish that they will include Chinese book selection in the future.

I would suggest Bookurve redesign and repostion the search bar. I believe most customers visit the website to “search” books at discount, instead of “browse” books. Also, please implement a payment gateway. Not only Bookurve can accept more payment methods and the automated system reporting would save them a lot of hairs.

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