Will You Buy the (prototype) iPhone 4G?

The Apple iPhone 4G?
[image by Gizmodo]

Confirmed. Gizmodo’s iPhone 4G is real. No matter it is the final next iPhone or a prototype, it is genuine and Apple want it back.

Forget about how Gizmodo settle the case with Apple. The question now is “Will you buy the Apple iPhone 4G?”

Based on the prototype (I believe), you might get a iPhone 4G with: new design, front-facing camera, better back-camera with flash, better display, noise cancellation, and micro-SIM slot.

Buy iPhone 4G?

Are the new features enough to convince you to swipe your credit card?

Not for me, an existing iPhone 3GS user. I am happy with current iPhone 3GS. Though the new features make iPhone a better smartphone.

If I don’t own an iPhone now, I will get the iPhone 4G (provided that my local telco will support mico-SIM card).

No micro-SIM, please

I dislike the micro-SIM. It is meant for the purpose of fitting into devices otherwise too small for a mini-SIM card (the one in your phone now).

Why Apple want to use it on iPad and iPhone 4G? Will your local telco follow Apple and support the mini-SIM card?

Not the final product

Keep in mind that chances are what you read about the iPhone 4G might not be the final product. I believe it is a prototype. You will get a more polished one by June 2010.

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