Mercedes Benz MP3 Watch

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MP3 player, voice recorder and 512Mb of flash memory.

The Mercedes-Benz MP3 watch comes with the logical practical accessories such as earplugs, a headphone adapter, a USB extension cable, a mains adapter and a useful online manual and is part of the Mercedes-Benz “Edition B” Collection, and will be available at the beginning of June for the market launch of the new B-Class.

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Maybe buy Mercedes Benz &#8220;Edition B&#8221; and free MP3 watch?  
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PSP Price in Malaysia

Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Value Pack
Some were asking about the Sony Playstation Portable(PSP) price in Malaysia. I don’t have the info in hands, so I ask for them in local newsgroup.

Here is Mark Ng‘s reply:

Yep, both US and Japanese versions are available. Japanese version costs around RM1000 or less. The US one is about USD$200 more(RM1200+).

Some shops are even carrying UMD Video. Most of them are Region 1.

Avalaible in Imbi Plaza, Sungei Wang, 1 Utama, MidValley Megamall and lots more.

My two cents

Seems like PSP is not as expensive as I thought. Check out PSP hacks for more things you can do with a PSP.

Update: PSP is more affordable nowadays, which is under RM1000.

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iriver H10

Updated: iRiver H10 is available! Buy now at!

iRiver H10

Rich sound. And vibrant images to match. All controlled by a simple touch scroll interface. And with longer playback, your music will be there when you need it. Perfect for those who can’t live without music.

iriver H10 features:
– 4 Stylish Colors and a Tiny, Lightweight Package
– 5GB internal memory holds up to 1,200 songs or 50,000 photos.
– Up to 12 hours of playback with detachable rechargeable battery
– Plays MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, MP3 VBR, WMA, JPEG, TXT, FM radio
– Simple Touch Scroll Interface
– Synchronizes music with PC via iriver plus, digital jukebox program
– Records voice, FM radio and Line in(with Cradle).
– Shows photos and texts with vibrant color display while playing music.
– Connects to USB 2.0 port for high speed data transfer.
– Supports Window 2000/XP

iriver home

Buy at
iRiver H10 5 GB Digital MP3 Player Trace Red iRiver H10 5 GB Digital MP3 Player Triple Platinum iRiver H10 5 GB Digital MP3 Player Remix Blue

Play music files, support FM radio, can shows color photos… It is good, doesn’t it? Can compete with iPod, if not better. I wonder what is the price. :roll:The price is US$265.99 from

Nokia 7710, 6020 & 3230

Nokia 7710 Widescreen Smartphone

A wide touch screen in brilliant colors, Internet browsing, a megapixel camera, and 90MB of storage. The Nokia 7710 widescreen smartphone is the experience you’ve been looking for.

  • Wide screen with pen input
  • Handwriting recognition
  • HTML browser supports Flash 6
  • Up to 90 MB internal memory, 128 MB MMC card
  • Megapixel camera (1152×864 pixels)
  • Music player with stereo audio
  • Audio and video playback and streaming
  • FM/Visual Radio

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OQO – Computer Fits In Pocket

OQO - The Smallest PC

Just about half month after I post about Sony’s The world’s smallest Windows PC, now OQO win the first place!

OQO?! Never heard before right? Me too! :P

Anyway, this newly born company has a great product – OQO Model 01 ultra Personal Computer(uPC).

From OQO: “The OQO Model 01 ultra personal computer (uPC) is a fully-functional Windows XP computer. The OQO has a 1GHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, 256MB of RAM, a color transflective display, and integrated wireless, as well as Fire Wire and USB ports. It is powerful enough to run your most complex applications…”

Here is the specs(copied from OQO site):

  • 1GHz Transmeta processor
  • 20GB hard drive (shock-mounted)
  • 256MB DDR RAM
  • Dimensions: 4.9″ x 3.4″ x .9″
  • Weight: 14 ozs
  • 800 x 480 W-VGA 5″ transflective display (indoor/outdoor readable)
  • QWERTY thumb keyboard with mouse buttons and TrackStik®
  • 802.11b wireless
  • Bluetooth® wireless
  • 4-pin FireWire® (1394)
  • USB 1.1
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack (supports stereo headphone or mono headset plus optional multimedia controller)
  • Microphone
  • Digital pen
  • Removable lithium polymer battery
  • Battery life 2-6 hours, depending on usage
  • OQO docking cable includes:
  • 3D accelerated 1280 x 1024 VGA video output
  • Additional USB
  • Additional FireWire (1394)
  • Ethernet
  • DC power
  • Audio out

The OQO Model 01 is almost same as Sony’s VAIO U70, except that OQO… :
– is slightly smaller,
– attached thumb keyboard,
– has less memory(U70 with 512MB),
– has a dock station(can connect to monitor and attach normal size mouse & keyboard and become normal PC!)
– has FireWire
– has dull design

Personally, I think OQO is better. If possible, I will get OQO instead of Sony VAIO U70. Dump PDA and get this one! 2-in-1! :D

Anyway, it will only ships on fall of 2004(coming soon).