Allowed! AdSense on the Same Page with other Contextual Ads

Jennifer Slegg had confirmed that Google AdSense publishers are allowed to run contextual ad programs on the same page with AdSense ads!

“When it comes to enforcing policies on third-party contextual ads, we’ll be following the updated program policies instead of the T&Cs on this point. That is to say, publishers may now display other contextual ads on the same site or page as Google ads as long as they don’t have the same look and feel as our ads,” Brian Axe tells Jennifer Slegg of JenSense.

Brian Axe is the senior product manager of Google AdSense Team.

Meaning, AdSense publishers now can run other contextual ad programs such as Chitika eMinimalls(contextually targeting products), and Amazon Omakase Contextual Links on the same page with AdSense ads.

More income sources for publishers, and more targeted ads for readers. :)

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Amazon Omakase Contextual Links

Have you tried aStore? Actually, launched another new product before it — Omakase Links, which creates Amazon product links based on your contents. Omakase is the Japanese word meaning “entrust” or “protect”. Omakase Links setup is very flexible

Creating Omakase Links is very easy. The setup panel is very flexible and easy to use. One of the template style that does not find in other associate banners is that you can hide logo in the Omakase ad, which I believe will greatly increase click through rate(CTR).

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Amazon aStore Beta

Amazon aStore Beta associates central launched aStore beta for its members. aStore is a new product that lets you create a professional online store in minutes. It can be embedded within or linked to from your website.

Astore at
Screenshot of Amazon aStore at

Previously, we need to use Amazon Associates tool to create an associates store. With aStore, the whole process becomes very simple and easy. You can create and customize your own online store in minutes.

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Amazon Store on WordPress

I am trying the WordPress Amazon Store from The script, which is modified from ASM2 script, allows you to run an Amazon online store on your WordPress blog.

Amazon Store on WordPress
Amazon Online Store running on WordPress blog showing product information and reviews.

The installation is quite easy, but you need an Amazon Developer Key. The default installation assume that your WordPrss blog was installed on the domain root and the path is If you install it on other path, you may need to tweak the code a bit as I did.

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TicTap – Amazon Contextual Ads

We know Amazon product ads are not contextual ads like Google AdSense. The ads are not automatically selected based on your content. TicTap may be your solution.

tictap amazon adsTicTap Contextual Ads lets you show Amazon product ads in AdSense style. When the mouse is hovered over the TicTap ads, a Amazon product info popup will be shown.

How does TicTap work?

TicTap use Yahoo! web services to search for Amazon products. As an Amazon associate, you earn commission from every Amazon product sales. It takes the following values on the web page to select products:

  • HTML Title
  • HTML Meta Description
  • HTML Meta Keywords
  • User defined keywords

You can choose the values to be used for TicTap ads.

TicTap: Free download

My two cents

TicTap is not a contextual ads like Google AdSense. You can set TicTap to read page Title only. No sure what Google AdSense team thinks about it, so I will send them an email to enquire.

Update: AdSense: TicTap is Contextual Ads.

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