Now You Can Make More Money with Chitika Select

Chitika Select is an upgrade to Chitika Premium ads to give you more revenue by more impressions.

Chitika Select

While Chitika Premium only displays to search engine traffic, Chitika Select will be displayed to a select group of your non-search traffic as well.

How does Chitika Select work?

Chitika Select will display ads on your site based on user’s intent. When Chitika’s “click prediction engine” says there is a “high probability of a click”, an appropriate advertisement will be displayed. Otherwise, Chitika Select will collapse entirely without leaving any blank space.

The following is the comparison chart of Chitika Premium VS. Chitika Select
Compare: Chitika Premium VS. Chitika Select

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How to Make LESS Money with Chitika Premium

Chitika heavily pushes the Chitika Premium product, does it really make more money than Google AdSense? Read on to find out the simple test result on my own blog.

Info: Chitika Premium search target advertisements which can work together with Google AdSense. Sign up here.

AdSense vs. Chitika Premium

I was using the combination of Chitika Premium (450×90) and Google AdSense large rectangle (336×280) under the blog post title.

The combination seems ok but the earning is not up to my expectation.

With Chitika’s recommendation, I applied the super large Chitika Premium MEGA unit (550×250) just right below the page header. The Chitika earning had a boost but greatly affect the AdSense earning…

OK. How about not apply Chitika Premium at all?

Google AdSense vs. Chitika Premium

As soon as I removed the Chitika Premium from my blog, the AdSense earning had a boost and the total is even more than the previous combination of “Chitika Premium + Google AdSense”!

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Free Ebook: Chitika + AdSense Ad Placement Guide

Chitika has created a ebook available for FREE download, titled “Chitika & AdSense: Ad Placement Guide [PDF]“.

Chitika + AdSense: Ad Placement Guide

What is Chitika Premium ads?

Chitika Premium ads is non-contextual ads which only appear to a visitor that visit your website FROM a search engine. The visitor’s search query will be highlighted in Chitika Premium ads and relevant ads will be shown.

What’s in the free Chitika Premium ebook?

In the free ebook, you get the examples of good placement of Chitika Premium along with Google AdSense ads (Yes, you are allowed to put them together on one page!).

You will also learn the importance of customizing your ad links to your website links, and how to do that on Chitika Premium ads.

Click here to download the free ebook.

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Filling Chitika Tax Form (W-8BEN)

Get Chitika | PremiumIf you have earned more than USD$600 with Chitika, then you are required to submit the Chitika tax form which required by IRS (US Internal Revenue Service).

Here I show you how to fill the W8 form if you are located outside the U.S.

  1. Login and visit Chitika W8 form page
  2. Fill in your full name in the “Name of Individual or organization“.
  3. Fill in your country in the “Country of Incorporation or organization“.
  4. Tick “Individual” for “Type of beneficial owner“.
  5. Fill in your address in “Permanent residence address“, “City or town, state or province“, and “Country“.
  6. Under “Part 2: Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits“, tick “a. The beneficial owner is a resident of [your_country] within the meaning of the income tax treaty between the United States and that country.“.
  7. Tick in the “Part 3: Notional Principal Contracts“.
  8. Under “Part 4: Certification“, fill your full name in “Signature“.
  9. Fill in “owner” for “Capacity in which acting“.
  10. Click “Submit information” button and you are done!

The submitted form will be reviewed by Chitika in 1 business day.

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Allowed! AdSense on the Same Page with other Contextual Ads

Jennifer Slegg had confirmed that Google AdSense publishers are allowed to run contextual ad programs on the same page with AdSense ads!

“When it comes to enforcing policies on third-party contextual ads, we’ll be following the updated program policies instead of the T&Cs on this point. That is to say, publishers may now display other contextual ads on the same site or page as Google ads as long as they don’t have the same look and feel as our ads,” Brian Axe tells Jennifer Slegg of JenSense.

Brian Axe is the senior product manager of Google AdSense Team.

Meaning, AdSense publishers now can run other contextual ad programs such as Chitika eMinimalls(contextually targeting products), and Amazon Omakase Contextual Links on the same page with AdSense ads.

More income sources for publishers, and more targeted ads for readers. :)

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