Now You Can Withdraw PayPal Money to Debit, Credit Cards

PayPalPayPal announced new funds withdrawal functionality to withdraw PayPal money to credit card, debit card, or prepaid cards in 26 countries. The process only takes 3 easy steps.

withdraw paypal funds to credit card
Image: withdraw paypal funds to credit card

The new feature is great for PayPal members in the countries where previously can send money but had limited ways to receive or withdraw money. Example: Previously, Malaysian PayPal members can only send or receive PayPal funds but no official way to withdraw the funds. Now, they can withdraw their funds to their card.

The new functionality is available in: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Indonesia, India, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Philippines, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, UAE, and Uruguay.

Check PayPal Offerings Worldwide for updates.

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Shopify Marketplace

Last year, I reviewed Shopify, which allows non-techie users create a professional online shop in minutes. The company, Jaded Pixel, launched Shopify Marketplace to provides a global search of products from any participating Shopify shop.

Shopify Marketplace search
Image: Shopify Marketplace search

Shopify Marketplace is a Web 2.0 style product search. It returns products from Shopify shops according to your keyword. It support common search engine queries, such as “quotes” and -“exclude terms”. Related tags, product type, and vendors are listed in sidebar. There is a slide bar allowing you to set the price range. I like it!

For Mac users, there is a Shopify Marketplace widget for your dashboard.

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How to solve Ebay Credit Card Verification Problem

Previously, I wrote about EBay rejected my bidding and required credit card verification. The problem has been solved now, finally.

I check back the eBay forum few days ago and discovered a reply from debt68 that we can get verified by eBay by open an eBay seler account:

1. Log in to
2. Click on the “Sell” tab.
3. Go to “Sign up for a seller account” and click on “seller account”.
4. Key in your Credit(Debit)card details and your personal information if necessary.
5. The system will then authorize a RM1 transaction but won’t charge.
6. Once done, go back to where you want to bid.

I tried and it works! :D

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EBay Rejects Bidding from Malaysia?!

Maybe this is a bad news for Malaysians. I tried to bid (“BuyIt Now”) an item on EBay but failed because Ebay required me to verify my account using a Credit Card, even after I did it!

EBay Rejects Bidding from Malaysia?!

The above screenshot is the message I received when I tried to confirm my EBay “BuyIt Now” purchase, it reads as follow:

To help protect your eBay account, we limit the amount of items that can be bought or sold by a single account at one time.

You can increase the activity limits on your account by taking one or more of the following actions:

Verify using a Credit Card

Process is immediate and your card will not be charged.Important: only available for Visa Credit and Mastercard.

Verify credit card? No problem, I have PB Visa Electron debit card (which I used it to verify my PayPal account) !

I was wrong.

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FPX, the Online Payment Method for Malaysians

FPX, the Online Payment Method for MalaysiansFinancial Process Exchange (FPX) is an online payment gateway for Malaysians. It facilitates interbank transfer of funds from the buyer to the seller. The payment gateway is spearheaded by Bank Negara Malaysia and is managed by MEPS.

How does FPX works?

FPX can be used for bill payments and purchases of goods and services. There are two types of FPX services: Payment model and Collection model.

Payment model is to be used for B2C or B2B to support real-time payments for e-commerce business. Buyer required to have a Internet banking account with one of the participating FPX member banks.

Collection model is designed to function as an alternative payment method for non-Internet based business. Collection Model is ideal for bulk collection such as premium collection for insurance or unit trusts.

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