Sell T-Shirt Online in Malaysia?

Early this month, we read a report about Selling T-Shirts Is Big Business on Web. Aizuddin Danian also higlighted it in Making a fortune on the ‘Net. Will it works for Malaysian?

Darren has some tips on selling T-shirt on a blog(contributed by chris).

  • Do not use Cafepress
  • Be creative
  • Find good printer*. Order in bulk to save cost.
  • Don’t be afraid to set an aggressive price point.

*One that prints, not the one on your table.

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PayPal Replies to Malaysia Member

After I posted “PayPal Accept Malaysian“, many users found that eventhough they can send fund into their account but they are unable to withdraw money from PayPal account.

Many asked, “How to withdraw money?”. For the question, I send an email to PayPal and got their reply.

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PayPal Accepts Malaysians Now!

Update (Nov 2009): Now you can withdraw PayPal money to any Malaysia bank accounts. Click here for more information.

The popular online fund transfer system – PayPal begins to accept Malaysia registerations, finally. :grin:

PayPal is free and easy to use online fund transfer system. You can easily set up it to accept online credit card payments at your website! It is great for personal and small business.

Due to the high rate of credit card frauds in Malaysia, PayPal was banning Malaysians from register/use its services. It was a great loss for Malaysia webmasters!

Without PayPal, Malaysia webmasters must register an online fund processing account like 2CheckOut or PaySystems. The minimum registeration fee is US$45(RM171), compare to US$0(free) registeration of PayPal.

Luckily, PayPal starts accept Malaysians registeration. I register an account immediately after I got the news. Guess what, LcF Weblog starts accept online donation now! ;)

My two cents

PayPal opens its door to Malaysians is definately a good news. It will boost the e-commerce of the country, I believe.

With open source shopping cart and PayPal, any shop can sell their products online now and the cost is FREE!

Updates: There are other sound about PayPal at

Updates (9 June): Some users told me that they can register PayPal account, but cannot add their credit card information.

Seems like PayPal open registeration to Malaysians BUT still reject Malaysia credit cards. :sad:

Updates (20 June): PayPal has already accepting Malaysia credit cards! Cheers!

Update (Nov 2009): Now you can withdraw PayPal money to any Malaysia bank accounts. Click here for more information.