The Only BlogAds Blogger in Asia Pacific. Me?!

Previously I said maybe I am the first Malaysian earning money from BlogAds. Out of curiosity, I did a fast search in BlogAds for others blogs from neighbour countries.

I am surprised to see only one blog from Singapore registered BlogAds. However, the blog has no earn any profit from it yet(I guess from the blog traffic). Checking other Asia Pacific countries, none available.

So… I am the ONLY blogger in Asia Pacific that earning money from BlogAds?! :shock:

(kembang! kembang!)

Call me “Si Money Minded Tech Geek“! :razz:

Okay, I am not show off here. Just wanna let you know that beside Adsense(which you begging people to click on it?), there is another way to earn money from your blog – BlogAds.

Frankly, I am surprised by the amount(one) of Singaporean blog in BlogAds. I thought it has many bloggers, no? I am not familiar with Singapore blogs(except that what… chun girl’s blog), anyway.

For your information, Singaporean can withdraw PayPal money from their local bank! How nice! I really encourage Singaporean bloggers to apply BlogAds.

Thought of Money:
Ok, I am quite money minded. I admit but I am enjoying! By the way, if added up Adsense and BlogAds income, MAYBE I will reach my first online earning targetRM1000, in this month(May 2005)!

Note: If you know I am not the only one in Asia Pacific, please inform me. I am glad to see other local bloggers earning profit from BlogAds. :)

Introduction to BlogAds is a network of influential bloggers who collaborate to promote and sell blog advertising.

How it works?
It does not required visitor to actually CLICK on it. Just plug in a short ads code in your blog and the money goes into your PayPal account, when advertisers buy your ads space.

How much can you earn?
One of the great thing about BlogAds is that you decide how much you wanna charge, and you decide whether accept an advertisement request or not. You have the control. The default charge is USD$10 per week for a ad. (Note: BlogAds will charge 20% from your earning)

Payment Method?
Did I mention PayPal? Unlike Google Adsense, Blogads pay you by PayPal. This is not quite good for us, because Malaysian cannot withdraw PayPal money from any local bank.

Then, How?

  1. Bid for used panties in eBay and sell to local pervert.
  2. Sell PayPal money to local webhosting company at a exchange rate(less than 3.8), and they bank in Ringgit directly to my local bank.

I will go for No.2. :P

(P/S: You see why E-Commerce does not work in Malaysia yet? We need an International payment system.)

If your blog is popular, focus on certain topic and don’t mind to have a column of ads, try BlogAds. Although it temporary take down the online registration form(heard that they are upgrading the system), you can try to send an email request to join in. Good luck!

Insert Google Adsense in Between Gallery Rows

Google Adsense in between Gallery rows
Google Adsense in between Gallery rows

I use Gallery for my gallery page, with Google Adsense ads. By Integrate Gallery into WordPress, I am able to add Adsense code at page header and/or footer.

But, since my album is displayed in 3 rows, I think putting Adsense ads in between Gallery rows will better increase the appearance and click rate(hopefully :wink:).

I search through Internet but failed to find helpful resources. The “html_wrap” files only support for Header, Footer, and Frame. Doesn’t has html wrap for Gallery Rows.

At the end, I solved it by myself with dirty trick. Read on for details.

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BrightAds Helps You Earn Money from RSS Feeds

BrightAds logo

Kanoodle, a search-advertising specialist, wants to help turn blogging into small business.

On Monday, the company introduced a self-service system that lets online publishers pair advertising with their RSS feeds. Called BrightAds RSS (after the technology format known as Really Simple Syndication), the service takes advantage of Kanoodle’s keyword advertising system to match Web content to relevant ads. Once a publisher signs up, an advertising link will piggyback on its syndicated feed sent to third-party news readers.

And with the help of Moreover Technologies, the service will offload a publisher’s infrastructure demands of delivering RSS feeds to hundreds or thousands of readers. Moreover’s technology will do the work.

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PayPal Replies to Malaysia Member

After I posted “PayPal Accept Malaysian“, many users found that eventhough they can send fund into their account but they are unable to withdraw money from PayPal account.

Many asked, “How to withdraw money?”. For the question, I send an email to PayPal and got their reply.

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