DiGi RM99 Unlimited Wireless Internet Access

Read about DiGi HighSpeed Data Package advertisement in the newspaper just now. I am attracted by the RM99 per month and unlimited access. Hey, I can use it to replace my expensive monthly dial-up bill :!:

Here is what says in DiGi website:

As a DiGi postpaid customer, you can now have faster connections at a reasonably low rate. Yes, just subscribe to our new HighSpeed Data Package at a flat rate of RM99 per month and you can get unlimited EDGE or GPRS usage as long as your phone is within the EDGE or GPRS coverage area.


  • you are DiGi post paid user
  • An EDGE or GPRS support mobile phone
  • PC, notebook, Pocket PC or Palm(optional. To access Internet using other devices.)

How fast is it?
GPRS (defination): transmission rates typically up to 20 or 30 Kbps (with a theoretical maximum of 171.2 Kbps). 30Kbps is about 3.75KiloByte/second.

EDGE(Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution): data transfer rates up to 384 Kbps(same speed as Streamyx broadband home package). Here is DiGi EDGE coverage areas.

RM30/month* + RM99/month = RM129

*the cheapest DiGi post paid plan.

The small note…
This RM99 flat rate plan only available until 31 December 2004. We assume it will back to normal charge rate after the promotion period, that is RM0.10 per 10KB. :neutral:

RM129 for unlimited Internet access. It is definately better deal than dial up internet access. Can we cancel DiGi postpaid after 31 December 2004? If can, then register it now and enjoy half year flat rate access. :)

Pirated WinXP Can Install SP2!

“It was a tough choice, but we finally decided that even if someone has pirated copy of Windows, it is more important to keep him safe than it is to be concerned about the revenue issue,” said Microsoft group product manager Barry Goffe.

Source: ComputerTimes

Perhaps this is a good news for Windows XP illegal users. ;) Previous release of Windows XP security patch pack — Service Pack 1 does not install and run on pirated copies. However, due to the wildness of viruses and worms that target on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft made a “tough choice”.

The coming Service Pack 2 will enable firewall by default(current is off by default), add automatic patch updating feature(download patches automatic) and other changes.


Contrary to the remarks it made to the ComputerTimes, Microsoft now claims that it will not permit users who have obtained Windows XP illegally to upgrade to its latest service release. Instead, the software giant will continue to enforce compliance with its licensing.

To clarify its position, a Microsoft spokesperson told BetaNews, “Press reports indicating Windows XP Service Pack 2 will install on pirated or illegal copies of Windows XP are not entirely true. Prior to installing, SP2 will check the OS’ product ID (PID) against a list of known pirated PIDs. If a PID is found to be invalid, SP2 will not install.”

Source: Microsoft: SP2 Will Not Install on Pirated Copies of XP | BetaNews.com

Sorry for pirated Windows XP users.

Sasser – The New Worm Alert!

New Worm
Unlike other virus/worm, Sasser does NOT required you to open email attachment or open any virus file. Sasser will infect you PC even you do nothing, as long as your PC haven’t apply the MS04-011 patch, which released in April 2004 by Microsoft.

Going Wild
The Sasser believed has infected over million of PC in worldwide. Many countries continuously report infected by Sasser.

Microsoft has confirmed the infection of Sasser worm and announced 5 steps to deal with Sasser(with online checker too) in its website’s security & privacy section. You may also download Symantec Sasser Removal Tool to scan and remove the worm, too.

Note: There is a NetSky variant that claims to be removal for Sasser and send to user’s mail box. If you open the email attachment and hope to run it to remove Sasser worm, your PC will only get worse – infected by NetSky somemore!

More Sasser from Google News.

“Never open email attachment and you are safe.”, this is not truth for this time. Sasser will infect your PC as soon as it connected to Internet. No human needed, Sasser spreads and infects PCs by itself. That’s…’great’, I would say.

The patch is released by Microsoft since 13th April, but how many people do not install it? See the infection number of Sasser. Basically, you are safe if you install firewall, install Microsoft patcheesssss and do not open email attachemntssss. What’s so difficult?!?! :???:

Perhaps, we have one more reason to use open source operating system? :wink:

Compare: Zire 71, Zire 72 and Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37

PalmOne just released new Zire series – Palm Zire 31 and Palm Zire 72. Here is CNET’s review for both handheld.

In order to have clearer image on the different between Zire 71 and Zire 72, and compare Zire 72 with the almost same price Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37, here is small comparison table I made:

Palm Zire 71
Palm Zire 71

Palm Zire 72
Palm Zire 72

PriceRM948RM1136.20 ($299*3.8)RM1140 ($299.99*3.8)
OSPalm OS® 5.2.1Palm OS® 5.2.8Palm OS® 5.2.?
CPU144MHz ARM312 MHz Intel® PXA270 processor 200 MHz i.MXL Appication Processor
Memory4MB ROM; 16MB(13MB avail) RAM8MB ROM; 32MB(24MB avail) RAM16MB ROM; 32MB(23MB avail) RAM
supports MMC, SD and SDIO cards
support MMC, SD, and SDIO cards
Wireless LAN
Memory stick slot
Display16bit, 320×32016bit color, 320×32016bit color, 320×320
Multimedia MP3, VideoMP3, VideoMP3, Video
BatteryRechargeable Lithium Polymer 900mAh batteryRechargeable Lithium 950mAh batteryRechargeable Lithium Polymer
Size(H x W x D)11.4(opened: 13.5)cm x 7.4cm x 1.7cm11.68cm x 7.40cm x 1.7cm11.43cm x 7.62cm x 1.35cm
Weight150 g136 g141g
Digital Camera0.3M pixelphoto: 1.2M pixel, 2x zoom.
video: 320 x 240
0.31M pixel
CNET’s reviewvisitvisitvisit

Note: red color is better/notable.

When Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37 released, it beats Zire 71. But with the newly released Zire 72, seems Palm has make Zire competable with PEG-TJ37. If you want WiFi, PEG-TJ37 is for you, else Zire 72 is a good choice. It has fast CPU(read: speeeed!), shot bigger resolution photo and even video. Plus, MMC is always cheaper than memory stick at same storage capacity.

Hmm… wonder when I will have my first handheld… :???:

Gmail: Google Free Webmail Service

Gmail: Google Webmail ServiceThis is NOT an April’s Fool joke.

Google is testing an email service called Gmail. Here is official information about Gmail:

As part of Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, we’re testing an email service called Gmail.

Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that includes 1,000 megabytes (1 gigabyte) of storage. The backbone of Gmail is a powerful Google search engine that quickly recalls any message an account owner has ever sent or received. That means there’s no need to file messages in order to find them again.

When Gmail displays an email, it automatically shows all the replies to that email as well, so users can view a message in the context of a conversation. There are no pop-ups or banner ads in Gmail, which places relevant text ads and links to related web pages adjacent to email messages.

However, it does not accept user registration yet. Only open to private and limited users for the moment.

Here are more news regarding Gmail. BTW, please not to confuse Google’s Gmail with the another Gmail which is an open source anti-spam program.

Wow! I am surprised by this news in the morning! :)

While HOTMAIL offer only 2MB email space and YAHOO! MAIL offer double of it – 4MB email box, Google’s Gmail is 250 times bigger than Yahoo! Mail. 1GB FREE email box… Can you imagine it?! Never need to delete your emails again. Can save all funny attachments in your mail box. ;)

The notable features will be implementing of Google search power in email box and display emails in conversion. It is easier to find email messages now. (I was wondering, what if we apply Google search in our computer?) The display emails in conversion is nice feature to help us keep track an email message’s history.

If you are using free webmail now, I am sure you will register another one at Gmail. :) Even I, have own hosting, will register one. I want LcF@Gmail.com!!!

Hmm… It is time for Yahoo!Mail and Hotmail to upgrade/improve their webmail service, else, many will switch to Gmail. I can foresee it. ;)