Acer Malaysia Online Store in Lazada and 11Street

Acer Online Store launch

Acer Malaysia Online Store officially went live in Lazada and on 28 September 2015.

Acer Online Store launch
Acer Online Store launch. (left) Chan Weng Hong, Director of Sales and Products, Acer Sales & Services Sdn. Bhd. and Sunny Ooi, Founder of ClickAsia.

The Acer Online Store mirror the physical concept store and provides a “shop walkthrough” experience for online customers. An online store is able to provide more information and product knowledge from Acer. New information will be updated almost real-time. The online store will also provide a visualisation of how the devices look from various angles, as well as official demo videos.

Acer Online Store in
Acer Online Store in

“The online market in Malaysia is growing rapidly and is forecasted to hit RM5.76 billion in 2015 and Acer Malaysia hopes to tap into this market. Therefore, we expect the online store to provide customers more ease of purchase and purchasing at their own leisure,” says Chan Weng Hong, Director of Sales and Products, Acer Sales & Services Sdn. Bhd.

Both Acer Online Store in Lazada and are managed by ClickAsia, an online computers and electronics e-tailer. Online payment is easy and secure with the payment gateways on the two shopping sites.


Acer Online Store in Lazada
Acer Online Store in Lazada

In conjunction with the launch, Acer Online Store will offer discounts and value for money packages on lastest devices. For limited time promotion, you can buy Acer Iconia Talk S tablet for RM499 instead of the retail price of RM799 on Acer Online Store in Lazada.

Also, customers who purchase any select Acer tablet or Acer laptop will receive a freebie worth a total of RM500:

  • three-year extended warranty on their newly purchased Acer device
  • three-year free subscription of McAfee Internet Security
  • 32GB OTG SanDisk thumb drive

The offer is limited to first 100 units of devices.

For more information, please visit Acer Malaysia Facebook or call Acer Malaysia at 1800-88-1288

Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Ads in Malaysia (Jan-June 2015)

youtube malaysia logo

youtube malaysia logo

Google Malaysia released the latest YouTube Ads leaderboard for the first half of 2015. The list represents the top 10 video ads on Youtube with best performance, a combination of popularity and promotion.

Looking at the top 10 YouTube Ads in Malaysia (below), you will notice some trends from this half-year leaderboard.

  • Seizing the moment. With Chinese New Year fall within the six-month period, no surprise that 5 out of 10 of them are related to the festival. 4 of them (Malaysia Airlinnes, Hotlink, Maxis, Tenaga National) tell great, emotional stories around the theme of family, homecoming and nostalgia.
  • Longer video. 7 of the 10 ads are over 30 seconds. 3 ads past 7 minute mark and longest one is close to 12 minute. This shows that YouTube viewers will engage with longer videos from brands, as long as there is a compelling, emotional pull.
  • Cinematic quality. YouTube advertisers took time and effort to record high quality ads like a short film with story. Malaysia Airlines recorded their videos in 6K ultra-high resolution!

  1. Malaysia Airlines BLESSINGS, A Malaysian story – #keepflying – Chinese New Year 2015 short film (11:52)
  2. Hotlink Hotlink 恭喜發財: Grannies Sing Ohhsome Hotlink CNY Song! (2:46)
  3. MaxisMaxis CNY 2015 TVC #ThisIsMyName (3:47)
  4. TescoTesco #Ongmali 2015 CNY Commercial (0:48)
  5. Tenaga NationalShare the Lights – Tenaga Nasional / TNB – Chinese New Year / CNY 2015 (2:00)
  6. Nestle Koko KrunchNestle Koko Krunch | Watch the Minions get up to their usual mischief! (0.20)
  7. Honda2015 All-New Honda HR-V – See Amazing From Every Angle (TVC) (0.30)
  8. Knife刀标油感人短片 – 加油 | Add Oil – A short film by Knife (10.00)
  9. SamsungRoad To Ramlee – Episode 2: Ragam Ujibakat (Audition Antics) (8.21)
  10. 11street11street: “WE MEET AGAIN” starring Lee Min Ho and Emily Chan (0.30)

These ads show the amazing creativity in the Malaysian ads industry. Digital video ads free up brands and agencies to spend more time getting creative and leaving computers to figure out the hard stuff like when and where to show an ad.

How To Export Feedly Feed Subscriptions to OPML File?

Export Feedly OPML
Export Feedly OPML
Export Feedly subscriptions to OPML

You switched to Feedly when Google Reader shutdown. You were a happy Feedly user and added many new feeds into the service. One day, you found a better feed reader matches your news reading habit and you want to switch over.

Or, you simply want to backup your Feedly feed subscription.

You don’t find Feedly Export feature in Feedly sidebar nor Preferences. How do you export Feedly subscription feeds?

Export feedly subscriptions in OPML format

Apparently, Feedly OPML export is a hidden, undocumented feature! It is not even there before July 2013!

Follow these instruction to export Feedly feeds in OPML file for backup or import into other feed reader:

  1. Login Feedly account from your web browser.
  2. At the browser’s address bar, enter:
  3. You will get a page of XML code (refer to header image). That’s your feedly feed subscriptions!
  4. Copy from <xml version=1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> till </opml> (end of the code)
  5. Open any plain text editor, paste in the text and save the file as OPML file, example: feedly.opml
  6. Now, the OPML file you saved is your exported feedly subscriptions. Now, you can use the file to import your feedly subscriptions to other feed readers.

Hope this helps you migrate your news feed from feedly to other feed reader. Which feed reader are you using now?

How To Export Google Reader Subscriptions to OPML File

Google Reader OPML file
Google Reader OPML file
Google Reader OPML file

In case you haven’t known it yet, Google Reader (most popular feed reader) will be shutting down after July 1, 2013.

It is very important for Google Reader users to export and backup their feed data. You should get all your Google Reader subscriptions in an OPML (XML) file format. So that you can migrate and import into other alternative feed readers, either free or paid.

Luckily, it is easy to export all Google data using Google Takeout service, where you can download an archive of your data from Google services.

In this tutorial, we only focus on exporting Google Reader feeds. Follow the instruction below to download a .ZIP file containing your RSS feeds – subscriptions.xml (OPML format).

  1. Login your Google account (the same account you used to get access to Google Reader).
  2. Visit Google Takeout for Reader. You will get an overview of the data’s total files and download size.

    Export Google Reader to OPML file using Google Takeout
    Export Google Reader to OPML file using Google Takeout
  3. Click CREATE ARCHIVE button to ask Google generates a compressed file of your data.
  4. In the next page, you will see the data generation progress. Click Download button to download your Reader data.

    Export Google Reader to OPML file using Google Takeout
    Export Google Reader to OPML file using Google Takeout
  5. The Google Takeout filename format is “[your-google-email]”, example: Unzip the file and you will have a few .json files and a subscriptions.xml file. The XML file is what we want – a list of all your subscribed feed URLs in OPML format. (refer to top image)
  6. Now you can take that subscriptions.xml file and import into any feed readers that support feed import.

Have you exported your Google Reader RSS feeds? Which is your choice of Google Reader alternative? Please share it with us in the comment.

Free 15GB Google Cloud Storage to Shared Between Drive, Gmail, Google+ Photos

Google shared storage
Google shared storage
Google shared storage

Google free 15GB cloud storage is now shared between Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. (tweet this)

Google free storage was separated into 5GB Google Drive and Google+ photos; 10GB for Gmail messages and attachments. With the new update, you get a universal 15GB storage pool for Drive, Google+ photos and Gmail.

Tip: Only photos larger than 2048 pixels use Google Drive storage. You can store unlimited number of smaller photos for free.

Your Gmail may take up a little space, and you store big files in Drive. Or, you can use the space to store high-resolution images in Google+ photos. It is up to you on how to use the cloud storage space.

For non-Gmail users who use Google Drive to store their files on Google cloud, this means they will get free 3x storage upgrade from 5GB to 15GB! On the other hand, non-Google Drive Gmail users now receive more space for their email attachments.

For Gmail and Google Drive users, the update do not give you extra storage space (still total 15GB) but you no longer need to remember how much free space you left in each Gmail and Google Drive.

Now you only need to remember one total space. You can check your storage usage at new Google Drive storage page.

Google Drive storage overview screenshot
Google Drive storage overview screenshot

Mouse over the pie chart will show you the breakdown of your storage use across Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos.

Need more Google Drive space? Upgrade plan start at USD$4.99/month for 100GB. It is same price as before update. I noticed that 25GB upgrade (USD$2.49/month) has been removed.

The Google Drive storage update will roll out over the next few weeks. Google Apps users will also getting the shared storage.

[via Google Drive blog]