Celcom Home, Hop and Away Broadband Plan

Celcom home, hop and away broadband package

While TMNet announced the Streamyx Combo package, Celcom (TMNet’s sister company) also launched the “Home, Hop & Away” plan, which combines Celcom 3G and Streamyx broadband services. With the broadband plan, you can enjoy high speed Internet connectivity at home and when you travel.

What is “Home, Hop & Away” package?

“Home, Hop & Away” package is a combination of Streamyx 1.0Mbps (free ADSL modem) + Celcom Broadband Basic (up to 384kbps). Current promotion price is RM108 per month, which RM48 cheaper than subscribing the 2 services separately.

Package sign up can be done at any Celcom branch or TMPoint in Malaysia. The package is open for existing Streamyx/Celcom subscribers too.

Notes about “Home, Hop & Away” broadband package

  • The minimum subscription period for the package is 18 months. During the minimum subscription period, you are not allowed to terminate or change the package to other Streamyx or Celcom broadband packages.
  • If you are to terminate the Home, Hop & Away subscription before 18 months, you would need to pay RM350 of penalty charge.
  • The SIM card provided is dedicated to Internet services only, no voice or SMS services.
  • Fair Usage Policy at 5GB per month for Celcom Broadband. If you exceed the 5GB allocation, Celcom reserves the right to lower down your bandwidth speed.
  • 3G SIM card modem is NOT included. It costs few hundreds bucks for one.

My two cents

Whenever my Streamyx is down (just happened again few days ago!), I would wish to have wireless broadband connection. The “Home, Hop & Away” package seems attractive to me.

However, at second thought, 3G broadband is less useful for me because I seldom travel around. Plus, the 18 months minimum subscription period and RM380 penalty charge really scared me off.

Any Celcom broadband users there? Please share your experiences.

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41 thoughts on “Celcom Home, Hop and Away Broadband Plan”

  1. celcom coverage is better …
    plus no need pay deposit and contra
    it is for normal packages @@
    do u interest @@?
    i am celcom reseller ….

  2. ha! here comes the reseller. but, RM108 per month is what really scared me off, not the 18 month of what i’d put “wajib bayar”. :D

  3. I miss Streamyx in Malaysia although the service is unreliable, over here in australia, it is so expensive and it is limited to a certain amount of GB per month.

  4. I’m really disappointed about internet providers in Malaysia, the speed is too slow and unreliable.
    after using maxis broadband and celcom broadband, celcom seems to have a vast 3G coverage but the speed still sucks and depends highly on the time and place that you use it.

  5. I am using digi EDGE, using my motorola Razr V3XX usb modem. No need to buy the expansive 3G pcmcia card meh. Also edge is everywhere even in remote area like Chenderah…Sungai Rambai….Simpang Kerayong…ahhah bet you guys never heard of all that place before but all covered with EDGE.

    And guys for example my razr V3XX also support 3G and 3.5Gees. So if in future Digi want to upgrade their spectrum to 3Gees then i still can use my handphone.

    Although I get only 100kbps to 150kbps with my digi edge, Its just find for me. The monthly bill is RM66/ month flat.

  6. I just back from UK last week. The wireless broadband there cost £15 per month (which is around RM100 per month) with 3 Giga bytes limit and the speed is 7.2Mbps. If compared to Malaysia’s, Malaysia’s broadband is much cheaper but not reliable. The broadband service in UK is excellence but it is expensive for heavy usage.

  7. this package is suitable for traveling lads..i will use it next week.but not the packages but only the wireless packages. seems to be better than maxis,
    and very cheap if compared.
    tips from me…to CELCOM BROADBAND BUYER
    dun ever buy the PCMCIA card from celcom centers…it very expensive…
    u can get for RM180(or somewhere there)..but the celcom centers selling it together with the 3G card(will cost u RM68) is RM 450(the cheapest in LOW YAT surveyed date 30 March 2008)
    that is their tactic to get more profit..
    so be wise…lads in choosing

  8. I am thinking of subscribing one broadband service,but i am not often travel moreover now i am doing full time homebased business,prefer to use streamyx,unless i need to travel whole Malaysia,then i will consider it moreover the price is not that cheap as well,as there is 18 months contract..wow..is long..

  9. I’ve sign up for Celcom “hope,home & Away Broadband Plan”. Streamyx + Celcom

    There are some things not explained during registration.

    Caj Tetap:
    Activation fee RM75
    Installation Fee RM88
    Stamp fee RM10
    Total RM173
    Caj bulanan RM266.48 (prorate last month Mar + April)
    Total 381.55
    Rebate :RM57.93
    Total after rebate 273.55

    I was told by customer service that the RM108 is only valid till 31 Mar. Thereafter, RM138. This was not explained during registration. I terminated my line just now. Reason: Misleading info. Just beware of the ‘hidden’ charge.

  10. I read from some user’s comment from lowyat.net,most of them are not satisfied with the service coz the connection are slow.

  11. I started using celcom broadband in Feb’08 and haven’t looked back to streamyx since. I’ve checked several times with http://www.auditmypc.com and the broadband has always won.
    So far, it has worked for me since i do some travelling every now and then, and the convenience of logging in the net anywhere I go! Just loved it!

    BTW, I’m using USB Sierra Aircard 875U with the RM98 pkg.

    Hope that helped.

  12. already subcribed to this package.i guess the coverage is better in penang,ipoh & JB compare to klang valley for the celcom broadband.
    streamyx of coz can get around 770kbps+++…
    celcom broadband max i got around 368kbps in KULIM…
    i travel a lot so i guess its ok for me..

    but as JD said, there’s a hidden charges so be careful…
    i guess the package still available although they said its until 31 Mar…
    coz the promotion cm still on tv…

  13. i’m a soho guy n a traveller, considering to use this package but after thoughtful thought, i’ve cancelled my intention. Thanks to u all guys.

    i better stay with my streamyx at my home office and while traveling i normally look for places that provide free wifi. Not only Starbucks and those fancy cafes. Nowadays mamak shops also provide free wifi such as Restoran Ali Topan in Tawau and Restoran D’Mall in Kuantan. Worst case, park your car infront of Starbucks DU or Friendster Cafe at Mutiara D’sara, and u can surf for free.

  14. #6Marco Says:

    March 29th, 2008 at 4:53 pm
    RM 108 is too expensive for me. Unless you need that to make a living.

    If your home is celcom 3G coverage area then not need streamyx

  15. if at the place have many people using the boardband the line will slow down
    if at the place no more people usu the line will fast as you register
    this is same as celcom and streamyx

  16. I’m currently a celcom broadband subscriber. I pay for unlimited rate RM 78 monthly the last time i checked my statemt. All I can say about the services is…it scuks! I’m a non traveller and although my area (Tuaran, Sabah) have 3g connection – I know cuz my bluecube modem flashed blue- the connectivity rate is sooo not what celcom rave about in their ads and billboards. My advice to those who plan to subscribe this broadband: make sure you live in very close vicinity of the 3g area. Stick to streamyx for hardcore downloaders and youtubers. Those who live in rural areas, even though with 2g/3g coverage, don’t subscribe. Not worth your money. I’ve tried it in areas like Felda sahabat Lahad Datu (Sabah). I feel cheated:(

  17. I’ve subscribed Home Hop Away Since March 2008. The fee is RM108 with streamyx and celcom 384. I thought of paying RM108 to the celcom is enough but the tmnet charge me too and even expensive than before. Actually which company should I refer to? Please help.

  18. Anne, are u from tuaran?

    Do they have 3G connection in SUngai Damit Tuaran? Im moving there soon and hope i can still use my celcom broadband there..

  19. I am a Steamyx user for 4 years already. There was no major problem with TM streamyx as it works quite good. But streamyx connection need a fixed line and I like to access to internet away from office or home..thus I decided to purchase USB modem (quite expensive) and subscribe to Celcom Broadband 384kbps @ RM68. The average speed was around 290 to 340kbps and quite happy with it. However…wanting to get a much higer speed…I decided to upgrade to RM98 pacakage i.e. broadband speed 3.6Mbps.

    The result was very very disappointing one. Damn…got cheated with a very slow speed at times go lower then 200kbps and at the best speed I got so far was just around 400kbps…I really feel that CELCOM fail to deliver their service!! Really felt cheated. I has called many times (1111) to complained but it went into a deaf ears. I have written a couple of time to careline@celcom.com.my but only got a holding reply.

    Right now..I really like to say to them F**K. We got an asshole running CELCOM?.

    What I understand from their call centre today – telling me that many broadband RM68 package users have not much to complained about because the broadband system is Celcom system (standalone). The complaints now were largely from RM98 package, this is because it is a shared system between TM and Celcom. I don’t quite understand their explaination but what I understnad was that if you pay more you should get more and not to short change the customers.

    Right now I really got fed-up…now either I downgrade back to RM68 or terminate it totally. Screw celcom!!!

  20. yeah, celcom sucks. when they were selling the modem, i have given my address and they promised me that the area is covered by 3G. i bought the modem, then it costed rm599 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!aiyo-sooo expensive. i was really caught in a dumb act) + 6 mts upfront payment. back home, it took more than a week before i can use their ‘oh-so-good’ internet, and u gesses right, no 3G, just plain gprs and always cut-off.

    last week was the worst, so many cut-offs until in the end donno what happen with my pc (i use desktop) i cannot reconnect, it says s/thing like “took so long to establish connection with remote server, the port has been closed. please get support”. oh my!! even my pc doesn’t want to be friends with the usb modem anymore, i cant surf at the home desktop since.

    now am thinking why do i waste rm68 pm for nothing. why shud i go & buy a laptop just for the sake of using celcom broadband which only gives me gprs signal. that would be thousands of rm. leaving now would just leave me with rm599 sunk cost, right? i just pray that they didnt tie me up to stupid 24 mts contract or such, dont want to contribute to their ill-gotten profit. see how they really suck, it’s so hard even to get them to answer their careline! it has been two days of endless listening to their stupid machine babbling about in repeats.

  21. finally got them on the phone. but no that easy to terminate your celcom broadband (do this only if it sucks where u need to use it – like what i am going thru), u have to be present at their service centre and pay up all your dues to that date. hmmm profir profit profit. wonder those people r getting how many months of bonuses each year.

    anyone ever been to their service centre? maybe the bigger ones like at their jln semarak office would not be like this, but try going to the one in kajang!! har har

  22. hi, just checking with you guys…

    do you receive the $108 charges in 1 bill?

    i sign up for the home hop away package but only received
    tm bill..

  23. Replying to mosquito:

    “mosquito Says:
    November 12th, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    hi, just checking with you guys…

    do you receive the $108 charges in 1 bill?

    i sign up for the home hop away package but only received
    tm bill..”

    Celcom called me and said that I owed them RM300++ and my broadband was terminated already becoz I didnt pay them for 4 months. Even though I paid all the streamyx bill. It turns out that I only received streamyx bills only.

    And celcom didnt post me the bills becoz the address was not complete. I apply for HHA after I got streamyx. The REALITY:

    1. Now I have 2 STREAMYX BILLS (One from original and one from HHA)

    2. The bill didnt come becoz the address was not complete!! (How can you accept the application form without checking…And Celcom said it was my fault)

    3. I have to pay all of that worth 300++ for that crap

    4. Hw can I have 2 Streamyx under 1 name in one house (foolish)

  24. Jzie,

    u really ‘kena’ already!!! Please make soooooooooooooo much noise!! Serve them right.

    Sounds so like them to be THAT sloppy in managing their business besides being sloppy in providing the service they promised.

  25. i ve just subscribe celcom broadband about three months…..in the first month they woking excellence but after that so worst….i called the centre but he said that after i using reaching the Gb that they provided to me,the line will be slow…but come to another month the line is still slow…i feel very panas hati since i cannot open my yahoomail because they are a lot of urgent email..

  26. Wow… after i read the comment,i thought that i want to change my Digi Edge to celcom band,but now i think i better NO to change it,course it will buy my life,so far for my Digi Edge i no much complain it,only that is slow,but the price is reasonable for me.Thanks all the guys to let me know about the band.

  27. About the penalty thingy, that’s the reason why i have a Celcom broadband :D. A friend’s sister “tolak” to me her broadband at ‘harga kawan’ because the sister didn’t quite use the broadband besides not wanting to pay the penalty.

    So, here i am :D.

    About the 5G policy, i think Celcom already pre-capped the speed so that we won’t exceed 5G by the end of the month :p. That’s why the connection is sooo slow >:(


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