Cheap Dell 20-inch Wide Screen LCD Monitor

I want to buy another LCD monitor, a bigger(I own a Dell 17″ LCD monitor) and wide screen LCD monitor. I have been monitoring the prices of Dell LCD monitor (Malaysia) for sometime.

Dell E207WFP 20 inch wide screen LCD monitor
Dell E207WFP 20″ Entry Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor. (image by Engadget)

Yesterday, Dell added another 20-inch wide screen monitor — Dell E207WFP. It is very cheap! Only RM1,099, compare to it’s brother, Dell 2007WFP 20-inch UltraSharp wide screen LCD monitor which is RM1,499.

Comparing to 2007WFP, the new E207WFP monitor does not have USB hub, S-video/Composite inputs, and smaller viewing angle. But E207WFP has faster response time at 5ms and slightly bigger viewable image size of 20.1″.

It looks promising and I almost place my order. But it became RM1,499 after I entered the order page. That’s RM400 different! Does Dell changed the price overnight?

I decided to hold my order. :(

By the way, what is the current market price for 20″-inch wide screen LCD monitor?

Update: It’s back at RM1099 now. Thanks, Calvin.

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