Now You Can Make More Money with Chitika Select

Chitika Select is an upgrade to Chitika Premium ads to give you more revenue by more impressions.

Chitika Select

While Chitika Premium only displays to search engine traffic, Chitika Select will be displayed to a select group of your non-search traffic as well.

How does Chitika Select work?

Chitika Select will display ads on your site based on user’s intent. When Chitika’s “click prediction engine” says there is a “high probability of a click”, an appropriate advertisement will be displayed. Otherwise, Chitika Select will collapse entirely without leaving any blank space.

The following is the comparison chart of Chitika Premium VS. Chitika Select
Compare: Chitika Premium VS. Chitika Select

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What you need to know about Chitika Select

  • Same as Chitika Premium, Chitika Select still can be used together with Google AdSense on the same page.
  • All current Chitika Premium ads will be automatically upgraded to Chitika Select beginning March 8th, 2010. You don’t need to do anything.
  • Chitika Select ads will show both Pay-Per-Click and CPM image/banner (pay per impression, whether a user clicks or not) ads.
  • You can disable Chitika Select by adding ch_select = "disabled"; to the Chitika code block or vice versa.
  • Chitika Select only works for US and Canada traffic.

My two cents

It happened that Chitika announced Chitika Select after my Chitika Premium testing (read “how to make less money with Chitika Premium“).

With CPC and CPM ads, Chitika Select is very similar to Google AdSense, except that Google AdSense is contextual ads but Chitika Select is not.

Since it is not contextual ads, Chitika Select ads difficult to be relevant to your website content. It’s all depends on the Chitika’s Click Prediction Engine to select the best earning ads for your site.

I’ll test Chitika Select and let you know the result.

Click here to apply for Chitika Select

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3 thoughts on “Now You Can Make More Money with Chitika Select”

  1. hmm…I also got this information email from chitika few weeks ago..but I never pay attention on it because i was busy on something else…Your post has reminded me, otherwise I will put the money on the table…thanks…

    By the way, I have one question to ask you, as you are the top blogger in Malaysia…you must have more knowledge then me about ad network in Malaysia. Did you ever heard about Better Audience Alliance? Recently they have sent me email invite me to join their ad network,I afraid it is some kind of scam so i Googling them, but nothing found. Maybe they are too new to listed in google search result? I think they might invite you as well, so if you have information about them, please share with us…



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