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Chitika Tips: Random Product Item

ChitikaIn previous Chitika tip, I told you how to hide the Chitika eMiniMalls ads’ “Search” tab. Here I share another Chitika tip with you — “random product for Chitika ads”.


Since my website has a rather broad topic, it is difficult for me to choose few keywords for Chitika ads. I tried to list down the keywords, at the end, I got a whole page of keywords! Also, I cannot use Chitika contextual function because I do not want to against Adsense TOS. Therefore, let Chitika randomly select ANY product ads may sound good to me.

Bonus tip: I found that using category keyword like “apple” will always return the same result. Therefore, Chitika support team advice us to enter exactly the product name as Chitika ads keyword. Get the product name from Shopping.com.

The codes

Get the default code from Chitika code generator. Then add the following lines of code into it.

ch_non_contextual = 1;
ch_query = "";

ch_non_contextual” set the Chitika ads as non contextual ads (required to conform Adsense TOS). Blank “ch_query” will result a random ads be selected. That’s it. Now your Chitika ads rotate different ads for every visit but it is non contextual.

My two cents

First of all, I am not sure if Chitika allow this or not. It is allowed by Chitika.

Secondly, if your website is very topic focus. Do not use this trick. You are adviced to go to Shopping.com and copy paste the product names as your Chitika keywords. (here is the instructions).

In my opinion, if you select a category keyword, the ads should randomly rotate the products under the category. The non-contextual ads now needs to have a very specified keyword to display the product, else it will only return the most popular product in the category (please correct me if I am wrong on this).

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