Compare: Zire 71, Zire 72 and Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37

PalmOne just released new Zire series – Palm Zire 31 and Palm Zire 72. Here is CNET’s review for both handheld.

In order to have clearer image on the different between Zire 71 and Zire 72, and compare Zire 72 with the almost same price Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37, here is small comparison table I made:

Palm Zire 71
Palm Zire 71

Palm Zire 72
Palm Zire 72

PriceRM948RM1136.20 ($299*3.8)RM1140 ($299.99*3.8)
OSPalm OS® 5.2.1Palm OS® 5.2.8Palm OS® 5.2.?
CPU144MHz ARM312 MHz Intel® PXA270 processor 200 MHz i.MXL Appication Processor
Memory4MB ROM; 16MB(13MB avail) RAM8MB ROM; 32MB(24MB avail) RAM16MB ROM; 32MB(23MB avail) RAM
supports MMC, SD and SDIO cards
support MMC, SD, and SDIO cards
Wireless LAN
Memory stick slot
Display16bit, 320×32016bit color, 320×32016bit color, 320×320
Multimedia MP3, VideoMP3, VideoMP3, Video
BatteryRechargeable Lithium Polymer 900mAh batteryRechargeable Lithium 950mAh batteryRechargeable Lithium Polymer
Size(H x W x D)11.4(opened: 13.5)cm x 7.4cm x 1.7cm11.68cm x 7.40cm x 1.7cm11.43cm x 7.62cm x 1.35cm
Weight150 g136 g141g
Digital Camera0.3M pixelphoto: 1.2M pixel, 2x zoom.
video: 320 x 240
0.31M pixel
CNET’s reviewvisitvisitvisit

Note: red color is better/notable.

When Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37 released, it beats Zire 71. But with the newly released Zire 72, seems Palm has make Zire competable with PEG-TJ37. If you want WiFi, PEG-TJ37 is for you, else Zire 72 is a good choice. It has fast CPU(read: speeeed!), shot bigger resolution photo and even video. Plus, MMC is always cheaper than memory stick at same storage capacity.

Hmm… wonder when I will have my first handheld… :???:

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10 thoughts on “Compare: Zire 71, Zire 72 and Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37”

  1. hehe yeah zire72 is nice. played with it yesterday.
    some latest info; its 1.2mp, not 1.3mp. sd cards are much cheaper than mmc. u can get zire71 for RM788 now with freegifts.
    the cheapest i heard for zire72-RM1128 at MyGadget, LowYatt Plaza. Hehe.

  2. my story with zire71 – it’s great, i like it. Then the SD/MMC slot stop working. wait for 3/4 month (can’t exactly remember) before the new replacement. then the speaker stop working and still can’t get it. it’s already 3 month. so my zire is not with me for almost 7 month and now zire72 is out .. ooh no :cry:

  3. my collegue just bought a sony clie sj-37 a week ago. and now, he’s desperate to sell it back juz to buy the zire72!!!
    amazing huh?!

  4. mostly Pocket PC users will frequent Palm users like me :wink: will regularly ‘lepak’ at
    its the majorities in each of them. not stopping u to join both tho… haha. i need a bath. :roll:

  5. got my palmone zire 72 on black market at 800dhs (80 dollar) and still new . I buy 2 giga SD memory and it works .Finally I find what I like in the black market .games, Mp3 ,video, photos, draw on memo , draw on picture with color etc etc etc. Its synchronize with my laptop but I need to find old model of nokia phone to synchronize with the Phone. Rigth now Im using my nokia 6020 thru infrared to transfer the photos from my phones. palm is great !!! I love it!!!


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