Compared Malaysia and Oversea Online Book Stores

I just made my first online purchasing for tangible product — books. Compared few local and oversea online bookstores, I tell you the reasons I choosen one of them.

Since I got my debit card and PayPal account, I always want to buy something, especially books, through Internet. I just did it. :)

What books?

Few minutes ago, I spend online USD$79.90 to buy two books, paid by using my PayPal account. The two books are “DHTML Utopia” and “The CSS Anthology“. Both are Sitepoint‘s books.

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM
DHTML Utopia is an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make your Websites more slick, dynamic, and usable.

The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks
A practical guide on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for professionals and novices, that can be used both as a tutorial and read cover-to-cover or as a handy and practical reference book to common problems, solutions and effects.

Where to buy books online?

Kinokuniya — It does not required you to signup before buy book online. However, it can’t credit the money from my debit card. The other payment method is by cheque or money order. Shipment fee is RM6.00, and free shipment if purchase more than RM300.

MPH — Required free registration before you can buy book online. Various payment methods: Credit Card, Maybank2U or by Cash/Check Bank In. Shipment fee is RM4.90, and free shipment if purchase more than RM80.

Amazon.com — the big brother of online bookstore. Free registration required. It has great book offer, selling at cheaper price than the original publisher! Payment method is credit card, however, the PB debit card is accepted(AFAIK). But, the shipment fee is very expensive(USD$16.97 for the two books)! Though the books entitle for free shipment, but people outside U.S is not qualify for free shipment…

Sitepoint, the book publisher — No registration required. Accept payment by credit card or PayPal(great!). Shipment fee to Malaysia is USD$9.95, free International shipment if you order more than USD$65.

At the end, I purchased the books at Sitepoint.

Why bought from Sitepoint?

First of all, both Kinokuniya and MPH do not have “DHTML Utopia” book yet. Also, MPH is currently out of stock for “The CSS Anthology”. So, I gave up buying book from local online bookstore. Sorry.

Though Amazon.com has great offer(save 30% to 34%), even added up the expensive shipment fee STILL cheaper than the Sitepoint. But, Sitepoint gives away free reference posters, CSS Quick Reference Poster and DHTML Quick Reference Poster. Both posters worth USD$19.90.

Another point is that I can pay the payment by using my PayPal money. A few mouse clicks and keyboard strikes, the payment process is done. Also, I feel better to pay by PayPal because it is free money generated from my website. :)


If the book you want to buy is available at MPH then buy from them. You will save the expensive oversea shipment fee and weeks of shipping time.

If the book is not available in local bookstore, Amazon.com is your choice. It is better to buy few books at one time to save some shipping cost. Also, notice the Amazon.com book offer, you can save alot!

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