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4 Concept Technology Gadgets You Need to Know Today

Color CRT Computer
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Sometimes it seems that the technology we have now days are pretty simple ideas. However, if you were to think back, there was a time when they were only concepts for the future. Things we use on a daily basis, like an iPhone, tablet, or even a laptop were once considered a thing of the future. But, think back to when a teacher or someone told you that you wouldn’t always have a calculator or dictionary with you.

With the development of smartphones and tablets, people now have access to these and many more resources with just a touch of a button. Technology is changing every day and there are plenty of innovators whose concept technology is ground breaking and will forever change the face of technology.

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1. Athena Concept Tablet

Athena Concept Tablet
Athena Concept Tablet

The Athena Concept Tablet was created by Tim Chege and has a sleek, stylish, and effective design. The tablet would consist of a 12.1 inch OLED display and would run Windows 8 or something comparable for when the tablet is on the market.

To make the tablets ergonomic, the designer gave the tablet slight curve that is meant to resemble the curve a piece of paper would have when it is being held in someone’s hand. The designer thought of everything when he created the Athena Tablet by allowing it to be free standing by using a one of a kind spring mechanism to hold the tablet in an upright position, safely and securely.

It would also come with a detachable keyboard, which matches the ergonomic curve of the tablet, and a silicon carrying case that has a special slot for the keyboard and main compartment for the tablet.

2. Sony Vaio Zoom

Sony Vaio Zoom
Sony Vaio Zoom

Sony Vaio also has some interesting plans for the future. The Vaio Zoom, designed by Eno Setiawan, uses concept technology to create a sleek laptop. This notebook is created to be slim and light weight by using touch sensitive technology to display the keyboard and mouse track pad.

The Zoom can be used as a laptop by simply opening the clear glass screen and pushing the side power button which will then activate the holographic screen and sensitive keyboard.

It would also come fully equipped with Bluetooth capability, and a wireless recharging battery.

Of course, the designer also kept in mind that some people don’t like to use a mouse track pad and has added a wireless Bluetooth mouse that has a holographic buttons like the keyboard.

3. Lenovo Tobii Eye-tracking Laptop

Lenovo Tobii Eye tracking laptop
Lenovo Tobii Eye tracking laptop (Image credit: Engadget)

When it comes to concept technology, Lenovo is also bringing new ideas to the table. Lenovo has teamed up with Tobii to create a stylish new laptop that is controlled by eye movement.

This computer uses state of the art eye tracking technology that was developed by Tobii that tracks a person’s eye movements and recognizes it as pointing, scrolling, and clicking.

This laptop would be great for people to play games, browse the internet, view pictures, write emails, so on and so forth.

It is an interesting leap that allows for hands free browsing and could even be used for patients with certain medical conditions that hinders hand movement and coordination.

4. Google Glass

Google Glass
Google Glass

Google has paved the way for many things, but recently has they have introduced a project that has been 2 years in the making, Project Glass.

Project Glass is like a smartphone and tablet, but in the form of glasses. The glasses have a small screen that shows you when you have a new message, the weather in your area, maps, and can respond to your voice and you can scroll and click with a tilt of your head.

Since it is a Google product, it would run on Android and is currently still being tested out. Project Glass would come with GPS, 3G or 4G, and a front facing camera.

Google has always believed in the possibilities of the future and continue to show it with these high-tech glasses. It is possible that consumers will be able to buy Glass in 2014.

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