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Create PayPal Donation Button

The step-by-step instruction to create a PayPal donation button and start accepting online donation.

A friend asked me how to create a PayPal donation button to collect donation. I have told him the steps and I think it is good to share with you, too.

Step-by-step to create PayPal donation button

  1. Login your PayPal account, goto “Merchant Tools”. Scroll down to “PayPal Website Payments Standard“.
  2. There is a link named “Donations“. Click it to open donation button setup page.
  3. There looks many fields need to fill in… Don’t worry, you can ignore those “(optional)” field.
  4. If you want to specific a donation amount, fill in the “Donation Amount:“.
    Note: Once specified the amount, the donator cannot donate more than or less than the specified valune.
  5. Under “Choose a donation button to put on your website (optional)“, you can choose a donation button or use your own image.
  6. For “Security Settings“, I recommend to select “Yes” to encrypt your payment button. It will protect your paypal email address.
  7. Then, click the “Create Button Now” button at the bottom of the page to create your PayPal donation button.
  8. You will given a HTML code for the donation button. Copy it and paste into your website. Done.

Here is my PayPal donation button. It is real! Click it to donate USD$1 to me, credit card accepted.

PayPal Donations makes it easy for you to collect secure donations from your website. After inserting simple HTML code, you can collect your donations via secure PayPal payment pages.

My two cents

PayPal donation button make it easy to accept online donation. I have never accept any online donation before, let me know if you did. :)

For your information, Malaysian cannot withdraw PayPal money from local bank. But, we can resell it to other Malaysian(who own oversea bank account) at the reasonable exchange rate.

Update: Now you can withdraw PayPal money to debit, credit cards

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