Here’s DiGi 4G LTE Plans and Coverage

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At last, DiGi 4G LTE network is now available in limited areas in Klang Valley for all customers who subscribe to specific “DiGi Broadband and Tablet Plans with 4G LTE”. Read on to learn about the DiGi 4G LTE plans and coverage areas.

Tell me about DiGi 4G LTE plans

DiGi 4G LTE is not an automatic upgrade for customers. DiGi customers need to change their SIM cards to DiGinet+SIMs at selected DiGi Stores to activate 4G LTE service.

Only customers who subscribe to DiGi Broadband and Tablet postpaid plans with 6GB Internet quota and above (paying RM89/month and above) receives free 4G LTE service.

Customers with DiGi Broadband and Tablet plans with less than 6GB data quota do not receive free DiGi 4G LTE service. They will need to subscribe addtional DiGi 4G LTE On Demand 1GB Internet quota for RM8 per day or RM30 per month (Yes, RM30/month for 1GB data) to enjoy super fast wireless broadband in DiGi 4G LTE coverage area.

DiGi 4G for iPhone and other smartphones?

Sadly, just like Celcom 4G, DiGi 4G is data only at launch. It does not support smartphone nor iPhone 5.

DiGi 4G LTE coverage area

The first DiGi 4G LTE coverage areas, or “DiGi 4G LTE Zones” as they named it, is limited to a few areas in Klang Valley. Check out below DiGi 4G LTE coverage maps (click to enlarge) to see if you are lucky enough:


Disappointed that no free & auto network switching to DiGi 4G LTE network for all existing broadband customers. DiGi not only ask customer to pay for data quota, but now also ask customer pay for 4G speed. Not good.

Plus, DiGi 4G LTE coverage areas are very limited. In fact, it is only a few roads in Klang Valley. If you purchased DiGi 4G On Demand, make sure you stand where you are and do not walk outside the limited coverage area.

What do you think about DiGi 4G LTE? Do you think paying for higher speed is fair?

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5 thoughts on “Here’s DiGi 4G LTE Plans and Coverage”

  1. This is a stupid launched plan. DiGi should just let their at least so called premium customer to enjoy the upgrade for free as a trial to their LTE. It was sad to see then they huha that they are the first Telco to offer LTE and upgraded the whole nationwide infra. I laughed my self to see the initial launching coverage haha. Funny indeed might as well they delay their launching until fully ready. To pay for the upgrade and change to new SIM card is ridiculous. They don’t know what it means by trial. And error. And by not providing this service to smart phone user is such a loser too. Have to pay rm30 for only 1gb? Haha i’ll finished the quota in few seconds. Come on DiGi be the different from other giants!! This making fools of yourself.

  2. this is totally rubbish. Maxis customer does not need to change their SIM card whereby there are able to use their existing 3G SIM and maintain their current data plan AND capitalize on the new 4G LTE speed & infra. Maxis has been doing awesome as their customers are upgraded automatically without any cost nor hassle. Digi & Celcom, last to launch, lousy solution & create a lot of confusion to customer.

  3. I refer to the Borneo Post news below. What happened to Digi’s plan to be the first to have LTE-ready network nationwide by the end of 2012? Caught and eaten by cat?

    DiGi sets new precedence with ‘4G’ technologies

    by Justin Yap, Posted on September 7, 2011, Wednesday

    Photo of Henrik Clausen

    KUCHING: (DiGi) is setting a new industry precedence in driving demand for the Internet …

    … “LTE is a critical part of DiGi’s plan and we have implemented the necessary building blocks to start rolling out an LTE-ready network this year, with plans to be the first to have an LTE-ready network nationwide by the end of 2012. We expect the network to have fully swapped LTE-capability by the end of next year,” said Clausen.


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