DiGi Malaysia to Offer iPhone in Malaysia, Breaking Maxis Exclusive

Malaysia breaking news. DiGi Malaysia is to be the 2nd telco to offer Apple iPhone in Malaysia. Maxis Malaysia iPhone exclusive will end within the first half of 2010.

digi iphone is coming soon in Malaysia

1st March 2010, DiGi announced that the iPhone deal is coming soon at http://www.digi.com.my/iphone/.

Despite the big “Soon.” word, DiGi did not real much information about their coming iPhone deals.

We only know that DiGi iPhone 3GS will be available within the first half of 2010. Period.

DiGi to offer cheaper iPhone 3GS?

According to the recent AppleInsider news, a new iPhone model with new functionality and lower cost is expected in June 2010.

iPhone 4G, maybe?

DiGi iPhone availability date is close to June, could DiGi offer the latest iPhone (and cheaper)? We’ll see.

Switching to DiGi?

I planned to switch from Maxis to DiGi since last year. I’m now paying RM50 to Maxis each month for 500MB iData plan.

DiGi has a better offer of Internet Unlimited data plan (quota of 3GB) for only RM58/month, even though its 3G coverage is still limited (only EDGE in my home area).

My two cents

Competition is good for consumers. Like in Singapore, the more competitors the more affordable an iPhone is. I’m glad to see that Maxis is no longer the iPhone exclusive.

DiGi, surprise us with your coming iPhone deals!

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12 thoughts on “DiGi Malaysia to Offer iPhone in Malaysia, Breaking Maxis Exclusive”

  1. Thanks for telling me this GREAT news. I was thinking of getting an Iphone myself. Im using Ipod Touch now and I think im ready to upgrade to Iphone and solve most of my daily problems.

    At first was thinking of buyin from US and unlock the phone but I think its going to be a risk and kinda complicated.

    So this post really cheers me up. Im already using DIgI. Just hope that they can come up with a better price plans than Maxis.

    Cant wait!

  2. Let’s hope that it’s way cheaper than Maxis. Then I might buy an iPhone too lol. I bet Maxis must be very frustrating right now that they are not exclusive already.

  3. This is going to be a very good news to us. Competition just give the consumer better service with affordable price. The competition between Streamyx and P1 obviously bring benefits to us.

  4. To me, DiGi has always been the pioneer. They started the SMS trend back in the late 90s, the economical Friends and Family and the ever-useful Friends Finder and I believe they will continue to have us all at awe with their innovative features.

    As a satisfied DiGi customer since 1999, I will continue to support them, maybe this time in the form of getting myself an iPhone? :D But then again, I prefer mobile computing on a full-scale laptop..hmm…shall wait and see.

  5. I’m using DiGi Broadband (3GB) currently. I’ve been using Celcom & Maxis broadband before but so far the fastest & most stable is DiGi. DiGi’s EDGE is even faster than Celcom’s HSDPA/3G.


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