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Will Digital Cameras Soon Be Extinct?

CSL Mi450 5MP auto focus rear camera
CSL Mi450 5MP auto focus rear camera

As smartphones are able to process images at incredible resolutions, do digital cameras have a place in general society? Although digital cameras have increased the resolution of images provided by them, smartphones such as the LG Spectrum 2 can handle 8MP of HD recording and image snapshots. Is there any reason why the average consumer would need to invest in a personal digital camera?

1. Resolutions - Clarity is the key to graphic design and photography. However, isanything more than 8MP necessary? Some would argue that it is. Even images produced from a 5MP camera loaded on a tablet have an incredible amount of clarity and detail to them. In many cases, a 4MP camera in the hands of a talented photographer has created images superior than those taken by a 10MP camera in the hands of other experienced so-called professionals.

2. Costs - As smartphones can nearly “do-it-all”, does it make sense to purchase a digital camera on top of that? Most smartphones feature the same SD card reading capacity for images, zoom capabilities, face tracking, and more. In fact, it is difficult to find an app that isn’t superior to the features provided on a regular digital camera. If one has a Samsung S3 or S4, is there really a need for a second device only to take pictures you’re going to put on Facebook which are condensed in size anyway?

3. Practicality - Instead of carrying a single device in your pocket, digital camera lovers carry additional gear when going out. There are some advantages to having a digital camera that have been tailor-designed for professional uses, but does the smaller hand-held cameras have a place in your bag or purse? Why add another piece of hardware to your wardrobe when your phone can efficiently replace that camera?

Toothbrush VS Cell
Toothbrush VS Cell (Image credit:

4. Assimilation - Throughout history, one technology usually assimilates another into its collective which eventually causes the assimilated item to become extinct. It’s happening right now with Cloud-based servers vs. localized network servers. Lower costs and great functionality assimilates through technology. How many cassette tapes do you listen to throughout the day as opposed to MP3s and streaming media sites? When was the last time you opened your PDA – not the tablet? How many of you actually use your land-line telephones as your primary source of telecommunication – if you have one? Like the Borg, “Resistance is Futile.

5. Multifunctional - Some have traded in using their 10.4MP cameras in lieu of using an 8MP camera mounted on a device that continues as a phone, video messenger, and MP3 player simultaneously. While camera design and functionality does an amazing job for photography of all kinds, a single device can do an impressive job of imagery while being everything you need with a touch of your finger. Smartphones are the Swiss Army knife of the technology world.

 Smartphones have become a fully-integrated mobile computing system that can do nearly everything a laptop can and more. Given that there are more smartphones in the world then there are toothbrushes, there really doesn’t seem to be a reason to market the personal digital camera anymore. But, they will continue to be produced as there are still some consumers that feel a camera can do more than a smartphone in that regards. Only time will tell.

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