Disabled Akismet Anti Comment Spam Plugin

After using Akismet for over a week, I have disabled it on my blog. Yes, Akismet is NOT good enough to convince me of using it permanently.

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Akismet did its job well. It filtered spam comments and trackbacks, while some unrecognized spams went into the moderation queue.

But, it can become better…

Slight False Positives — In the first few days, Akismet did have a few false positives, but it went well recently.

Does not show the content of filtered spam — Akismet does not show the content of filtered comments and trackbacks. It is hard to find false positives in the list without knowing the content.

Not perfect — Maybe the Akismet database is still new. Some spams were not filter by Akisme, but went into the WordPress comment moderation queue, and I had to manually mark them as spam.

My two cents

Akismet is good, but it needs to collect more spam data. Currently, I am using the combination of Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2.

Read the Spam Karma 2 review.

If it is possible to submit Spam Karma 2’s spam data to the Akismet server, I would like to contribute mine.

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