Easy Count simple user interface
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Easy Count – Powerful Accounting App for Everyone

Easy Count simple user interface
Easy Count simple user interface

Are you an SME owner? Do you have an annual headache when it is about time to submit your income tax? Do you spend a lot of money to hire an accountant but you don’t know how is your business doing?

Easy Count is a “made in Malaysia” free app for iOS and Android to help you record your business accounts easily.

You can save money to hire accountants to get the job done. Also, you can learn more about your business financial via the money flow shown in the app.

You don’t need to know accounting to use Easy Count app. You can manage your business account anywhere, anytime via your mobile device using Easy Count.

Free, Simple, Powerful

Easy Count reports
Easy Count reports

Easy Count is available for free download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is only a few MB download size.

Easy Count is powerful, feature rich, yet easy to use financial app to manage your business account.

It can track your company sales purchase, expenses, assets, equity, liability and other incomes, as well as generate reports: income statement, balance sheet, and ledger.

At first app launch, you will be asked to create and Account ID. Then you can add your company and details. You can add as many companies as you own.

After that, select a company to start records your business. You will be welcomed by a simple and clear page divided into 3 parts: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Report.

  • Income Statement: Sales, Purchase, Other Income, Expenses
  • Balance Sheet: Assets, Equity, Liability
  • Reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Ledger

You can view reports immediately in the app or, export and email the reports in Microsoft Excel format.

Easy Count export reports
Easy Count export reports

Everyone can use Easy Count

With Easy Count app, you can manage your business account anywhere, anytime. The app will sort the accounting records accordingly and automatically generate reports (income statement, balance sheet, ledger) of your business.

SME owner like online sellers, night market sellers, and retailers will benefit from the app by saving cost to hire expensive accountant and better understanding their business finance health.

Easy Count users also get to learn more about basic of account and save cost of hiring account.

For iOS and Android

Easy Count is developed by Apps Quest Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysia app development company. You can download Easy Count for free at Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad and Google Play Store for Android devices.

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