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eBay Explained! 2006 in Malaysia

Last year, I missed the eBay Explained! 2005 event. It is back for this year!

eBay Explained! 2006 in Malaysia

Date: 12 November 2006
Time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Venue: Starhill Conference Centre, Starhill 1, JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Register here (eBay membership required)

What’s special for eBay Explained! 2006?

The following content is quoted from eBay newsletter:

For the first time in Asia, Jim Griffith, Dean of eBay Education & eBay University Instructor will be flying in to host eBay Explained!2006 in Malaysia!

Griff has shared his eBay expertise with audiences across the US and now he will be in Malaysia for only one day to share his knowledge on how you can make your eBay selling, searching and shopping more effective and become successful online buyers and sellers.


  • Tricks of the trade
  • Strategies for safe, secure, hassle-free eBay buying and selling
  • Tips and shortcuts for even the most technologically challenged
  • Success stories about people whose lives have been changed by eBay.

Info: Who is Griff?

Griff of ebay
“Griff”, as he is popularly known, has been the foremost education expert on eBay since 1996 when he was invited to join the company as its first customer support representative. For the past four years in his role as both eBay ambassador and instructor, Griff has been traveling around the US leading eBay Unviversity seminars and attending Community gatherings on how to buy and sell on eBay.

With his intimate knowledge of every aspect of eBay, Griff educates people on everything from basic search tips to growing a serious business on eBay. He is also the author of The Official eBay Bible and host of eBay Radio

My two cents

Anyone who wish to know more about eBay or how to make money on eBay should attend the event. It is free, why not?

I already registered. Would you join me? :)

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