Embed YouTube Flash Video Player into Wordpress

By request of danny and stchatterbox, here I tell you how to embed YouTube flash video player into your blog(wordpress).

Know about YouTube, the free video hosting

Add YouTube flash videp player code

  1. After you upload your video clips to YouTube, you get a link to the video clip like this:


    The “dUTZvdgr42U” is your video ID, note it down.

  2. When you write your video blog entry, use the following HTML code. Replace “VIDEO_ID” with your video ID copied just now.
  3. Done. Please make a link back to www.youtube.com in your blog entry. (so that others know the great service, and as a appreciation the site)

Here is the sample result:

Powered by YouTube
*there is no playing bar, but loading bar works as normal.

Note: The code works for all HTML page, not specified to WordPress. WP user must write the code in single line, because WP auto insert new line tag between lines.

Oh, video blogging is easy now! ;)
Too bad I do not have any video recording device, else you can see my strip dance! (of coz, I am just kidding!)

By the wayl, I am NOT SURE if this trick accepted by YouTube TOS. Use it at your own risk.

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