Embed YouTube Flash Video Player into WordPress

By request of danny and stchatterbox, here I tell you how to embed YouTube flash video player into your blog(wordpress).

Know about YouTube, the free video hosting

Add YouTube flash videp player code

  1. After you upload your video clips to YouTube, you get a link to the video clip like this:


    The “dUTZvdgr42U” is your video ID, note it down.

  2. When you write your video blog entry, use the following HTML code. Replace “VIDEO_ID” with your video ID copied just now.
  3. Done. Please make a link back to www.youtube.com in your blog entry. (so that others know the great service, and as a appreciation the site)

Here is the sample result:

Powered by YouTube
*there is no playing bar, but loading bar works as normal.

Note: The code works for all HTML page, not specified to WordPress. WP user must write the code in single line, because WP auto insert new line tag between lines.

Oh, video blogging is easy now! ;)
Too bad I do not have any video recording device, else you can see my strip dance! (of coz, I am just kidding!)

By the wayl, I am NOT SURE if this trick accepted by YouTube TOS. Use it at your own risk.

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33 thoughts on “Embed YouTube Flash Video Player into WordPress”

  1. That’s simply too great, LIEW. I’ve read the TOS, and it mentioned nothing about it. I think the watermark is more than enough, and if we add a link back to youtube, that’d be fine!

    By the way, will it clash if I’ve more than 1 clip embedded on my page?

    Just a FEEDBACK of Youtube: I can upload my first video very well, but can’t upload the second one after using 4 hours. :(

    Haha…wondering if they set a daily limit? But seems they didn’t write about their limit except the 100 MB Upload.

  2. Liew, tried your method embedding a movie to my page dedicated to video, but donnu why it won’t work!
    The movie screen shifted to the right, and the code: type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425″ is on the page!
    Overall, it was strange and didn’t work out. Just wonder what should I add? If there’s a flash plugin or something I should add to my blog? thanks

  3. guys, there’s nothing wrong with your code nor your site. just check the width and as you paste the code, edit it a little to make sure there isn’t a break after the type onwards.

  4. hey guys! we, the youtube developers, are ecastic about the developments we’re seeing on this page. what do you think we can do better to assist videobloggers in getting their content up? we want to provide a central repository for video content. at the same time, we want to expose these videos through APIs, RSS, embedded HTML, or anything else you can think of.

    please let us know how we can better fulfill the needs of the video blogging community…

  5. It works. Great! But after awhile it just shows up blank, at moment its showing up blank on this page aswell the sample clip you provided. Just thought let you know. Having the problem over at my own page too.

  6. hey guys. here’s something else we just rolled out. while this will go on the FAQ later, i thought this was a good place to first publish the news. :)

    we created a simple way anyone with videos hosted on YouTube can put a listing of their videos on their homepage.

    try this HTML snippet.

    [Content for browsers that don’t support iframes goes here]

    let me know how that works out. thanks!

  7. Steve, the html code has been stripped by WordPress(my blog script)… Could you re-post it or send an email to me? Thanks.

  8. I had only manage to upload 3 vids to youtube.com. After that, I can never successfully upload a video, the connection with the site always get cut off and my video was not uploaded. Although the max vid size supposedly is 100mb, my vid size is only 20mb, yet it cannot get through. Also, there’s no status bar to show how many percent is being uploaded. would be great if there’s a better way of upload, say thru ftp or something. Thanks.

  9. If it’s not trouble, you may want to try again. Last week, we had purchased a bundle of additional servers to scale to the traffic we’ve been seeing. Please let me know if you have any problems! Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

  10. you may want to revisit the site again. we have recently released several more ways that you can share your videos (log in and check out the my videos -> share link). also, if you’re a developer, we’ve recently launched a suite of API calls that you can make to further integrate your site with YouTube. check out the developer section at the bottom of every page. thanks!

  11. hey, i have ran into a problem i have uploaded a video that is 19 mb, and i did everythign the instructions said to but it just keeps showin that damn whale guy thing instead of my own video??? help………….

  12. Okay! Done. We have massively simplified how you can do this. Just view any video on YouTube. There’s a copy+paste link, the third one down. If you use that HTML snippet, you can play the video directly from your website.

    Again, you heard it here first. :)

    It’s customary for updates to come here first.

  13. it does not work on my site. any help? i write code in wysiwyg editor html. but i save, it has got a blank page. what s the problem. thanks for the help.

  14. can any1 help me out..
    can any1 tell me step by step how i can put my video which is in youtube.com to my website..
    can any1 sen me a sample source code..

    this is my video..thanks

  15. Hi, I have tried to use your code but trying to get other people you tude video and show in my blog but somehow it did not able to work it up. The screen just appeared as “loading”.

    Appreciated it if you could help to advise.

  16. Hi, I have actually removed the code and tried other one and it seems working. Anyway, appreciated and thanks for your help.


  17. It’s interesting that two years after YouTube developers posted here thanking the community for their input, that the same problem exists today – unable to embed a YouTube vid into WordPress (dot.org version).


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