Free Shipping of WordPress Olive Green T-Shirts

200807300817.jpgIn June 2008, WordPress Shop revealed the new WordPress Olive Green Tees to replace the nearly run out red wordpress t-shirts.

As a WordPress blogger, I definitely get one for £9.50. Additionally, I have to pay for the shipping (£5.90) + insurance & tracking (£3.50). It is not wise to buy only 1 item per order.

If you would like to order a WordPress Olive Tee too. I have a suggestion to save you a few bucks on shipping cost.

Free shipping of WordPress Olive Tees for Malaysians

Here is the deal. I will order the WordPress Olive Green Tees on your behalf in bulk. Once I received the t-shirts in Malaysia, I will deliver them to your Malaysia address using POS Malaysia’s registered mail.

You only need to pay the t-shirt cost (£9.50) to my PayPal account using the following “Buy Now” button, then tell me either for Men/Ladies, Size, and your Address.


In short, I will bear the fees of: WordPress Shop shipping + insurance + POS Malaysia shipping. Great, right? :)

The WordPress Olive Tees are in very limited stock now. In order to cut the delay, I will close this deal after 3rd 4th August 2008. In case the tees are sold out, you will be refunded.

Why do I offer free shipping?

Well, because I want to save you a few bucks. :)

I don’t mind to pay a few more pounds and do some extra works for you. It is great to meet another WordPress bloggers who are wearing same tee!

Update: Fix PayPal “Buy Now” button. Extended the deal to 4th August 2008.

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