Fujitsu Lifebook T731 and TH701 Tablet PC [Press Release]

LIFEBOOK tablet T731

MALAYSIA: Fujitsu introduced the dual-touch, multi-finger gesture enabled tablet PCs, the LIFEBOOK T731 and TH701. Read on for the highlights in the press release.

Both LIFEBOOK T731 and LIFEBOOK TH701 are fitted with a bi-directional, 12.1-inch WXGA TFT display with dual digitizer and are equipped with Intel mobile 6 series chipsets, Intel Boost 2.0 and Intel Hyper-Threading technologies.

Both models support Intel Wireless Display, allowing users to wirelessly connect the tablet PCs to a large screen High Definition (HD) TV for sharing photos, videos, or presentations with the use of a small portable adapter.

With HSPA+ connectivity, users will be able to stay connected anywhere with the 3.5G connection by slotting in a 3G SIM card.

Both LIFEBOOK T731 and TH701 are equipped with security features including the Fujitsu 3D Shock Sensor, Fingerprint Sensor and Fujitsu LIFEBOOK lock. The T731 is further enabled with the Intel vPro technology and optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for enhanced data protection.

The built-in Fujitsu patented ventilation system promotes optimized performance and prolonged operational life with its enhanced cooling system and removable dust filter.

Users can enjoy great flexibility with the three-way input: Type on spill-resistant keyboard; Write with the digital stylus pen; or Touch with 5-fingers gestures on the touch screen.

T731 and TH701 build-in USB 3.0 port, which allows high speed data transfers (480Mbps). The Any-time charging feature allows users charge other devices without switching on the tablet PC.

The T731 and TH701 are equipped with the hot swappable bay, which allows users to fit in a second battery or weight saver, depending on their different needs.

The battery life of T731 and TH701 is 6 hours 50 minutes with a standard battery and up to 11 hours with an additional bay battery.

The T731 and TH701 feature the optional 0-watt AC adaptor which is unique to Fujitsu. Normal adaptors consume power even with the notebook switched off or put to hibernation mode. With this feature, the Fujitsu 0-watt AC adaptor consumes up to 99% less power as compared to a normal AC adaptor when on standby.

For more information, please visit Fujitsu Tablet PCs website.

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