GIGRIB – Free Web Site Uptime Monitoring

GIGRIBAs a webmaster, it is very important to always monitor the server uptime. There are many server uptime monitoring services available and they usually charge for a small fee (a few bucks per month) to monitor your server uptime.

GIGRIB (Green Is Good, Red Is Bad) is a free uptime monitoring service which take advantage of P2P technology.

How does it work?

Like other P2P network, GIGRIB requires you to download a GIGRIB client. The GIGRIB client will become a test note and monitor other web sites’ uptime. You will earn uptime check credits. For every 1 hour you run GIGRIB, you earn 5 hours of web site monitoring hours.

Hey, I found other FREE website monitoring services!

Yes, there are some free website monitoring services, but the checking time of free website monitoring is usually quite long (15 minutes).

With GIGRIB, you can monitor your website uptime as often as every minute. Plus, your website will be monitored by multiple locations (thanks to the nature of P2P network) for more accurate result.

My two cents

I like the idea. It is a new usage of P2P technology for something legal and useful. Currently, the GIGRIB (what a name…) client only supports Windows platform. Hopefully it will release Mac version soon. I don’t mind to run it 24/7 on my computer in order to monitor my websites uptime for free. :)

[via GIGRIB (Thanks, Peter) ]

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