Email from Google AdSense: “Your Payment has been Issued”

I received this email from Google AdSense telling me that my AdSense Western Union payment has been issued (read: Get your money, blogger!).

Google AdSense payment issued notice

The message included the MTCN number which is required to withdraw AdSense money from Western Union and a link to more information on how to pick up your payment.

In the footer, it tells you that the email notice is “mandatory”. Meaning, you cannot opt out (why should you, anyway?).

It was my first time to receive such an email from Google AdSense. I am not alone.

Previously, there was no notice at all. I have to mark “$$$” at the last day of every month in calendar to remind myself to withdraw my AdSense payment. I really appreciate the Adsense payment notice.

Have your received Google AdSense payment issued notice too?

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7 thoughts on “Email from Google AdSense: “Your Payment has been Issued””

  1. Recently when i log into my adsense a/c, it says I need to update my payment method, my pin & tax #.
    I’m a malaysian & living here as well. How do I go about to solved this? I’m a newbie & appreciate all the help I can get.


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