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Make Money with Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger

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Beside Google AdSense, now you can make money with your blogs using Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger by promoting relevant products in your posts.

Get started

First of all, you need an AdSense account. If you don’t, sign up here.

  1. Write a new post on Blogger
  2. If your blog matches available ad categories, the ‘Advertise Products’ gadget
    will appear in the Post Settings panel
  3. Select an affiliate ad from the ‘Advertise Products’ gadget
  4. Publish your post

Google affiliate ads blogger

You can type in a product, retailer or brand name into the “Advertise products” widget to get a list of products. then you can insert the affiliate ad as a link, image, or full ad.

How do you earn money?

When your blog visitor clicks on the ads and makes a purchase on the advertiser’s site, then you will earn commission. The payment will be paid through your AdSense account.

My two cents

Affiliate ads is “payment by action”. You don’t get commission if your visitor clicks but no purchase. However, the commission is usually much higher than “payment by click”. It’s good to have more ways to monetize your blog.

I wish the Google Affiliate Ads widget will be available to non-Blogger bloggers too (read: WordPress plugin!).

via Blogger Buzz

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