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Google Launched Gmail for Domain

Google launched Gmail for your domain. It lets your website members to have email accounts powered by Google Gmail (read: 2GB+ storage).

gmail for san jose city college

“Gmail for your domain” is currently at a closed beta stage, the students of San Jose City College are among the first beta users. Good for them!

What’s great about Gmail for domain?

You can give each of your website members an email account with 2GB storage space, which is as great as Gmail. The email address is based on your domain such as yourname@yourdomain.com.

How to apply?

You can express your interest in the programme to Google at Gmail for your domain. I have already applied for Malaysian Bloggers Forum. Good luck to you and me! :)

My two cents

If it is a free service like Gmail, I am sure Gmail will beat Yahoo! mail and Hotmail, hands down! ;)

[ Via SearchEngineWatch and Google blog ]

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