Google Services for your Domain

google logoGoogle has launched another new beta service(free) called “Google Apps for Your Domain“. It is a goodie for webmasters of communities or organization websites.

By signing up “Google Apps for Your Domain”, you can offer private-labelled Google services to all of your users for free. Here are the available Google services:

  • Gmail – One of the best webmail service. 2GB space.
  • Google Talk — Your members call and chat with each other members for free.
  • Google Calendar — Members can organize schedules and share events.
  • Google Page Creator — Easily create web pages for your domain

My two cents

I already signed up with “Google Apps for Your Domain” for Malaysia Bloggers Forum and got approved to create up to 1000 accounts for the domain. It is simple to sign up but setting up the domain name for Google services might be difficult to most webmaster.

Google Apps for Your Domain

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