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How Did I Receive Money from PayPal

For the first time I received money from PayPal, here I share my experience to accept money from others via PayPal account.

  1. I got an email from PayPal saying that someone has send money to my PayPal account. I am provided a link to accept or denied the payment.
  2. Login PayPal account. I can check the detail of the payment and a button to accept or denied it.
  3. Of course, I accept the payment! PayPal brings me to another page, I am asked to add a credit card info and a bank info. Fortunately, I added my debit card info previously!
  4. Since no local(Malaysia) bank can be added into PayPal, I have no choice but continue without bank account info.
  5. After confirmed, the money is in my PayPal account already. Simple and trouble free!


  • You need to signup PayPal and have a credit card or debit card.
  • It is all right without bank account info in your PayPal account. The disadvantage is that you cannot withdraw the PayPal money from local bank, but you still can do online purchasing using the money in PayPal account(provided the online merchant accept PayPal). Read more about Malaysia banks and PayPal.

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