My 1st Talk @ 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering

After being quiet for a very…very… long time on my blog, I quietly attended the 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering held at The Apartment,The Curve. It was fully sponsored by Exabytes.

I attended the same gathering last year. This time, I was invited to give a talk. My 1st public talk. (Thank you, Lim CS)

LiewCF is giving his 1st public talk
LiewCF is giving his 1st public talk(photo by Eddie Law)

My presentation is about myself, a pro-blogger. How did I get started as a fulltime blogger and shared some blogging tips. It was a short talk that took around 15 mins only.

Here is the slides I used in my presentation (created by Google Docs):

Also viewable at

Like other newbies, I was quite nervous. I would prefer more on Q&A to giving a talk. The most interesting part of my talk was about my income. It is USD$ X,000 per month. Everyone is curious about the “X” value.

Sorry, I cannot reveal the value of “X”… There are only 2 persons in the world know the answer, my dear accountant and I. ;)

Also, the other speakers of the day were:

Too bad, Alang couldn’t attend this gathering in the last minute. I have always wanted to meet him…

3rd webmaster malaysia gathering (the curve)
Group photo of 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering (photo by Exabytes)

More photos available on Exabytes Blog and SMD.

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My two cents

It was my first public talk in life. I was little nervous… but getting better at Q&A session. I shall do better next time and give talks on more specified topics. :)

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22 thoughts on “My 1st Talk @ 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering”

  1. Hi, you should inform me about this gathering so that I can attend to give you support (actually I also want to learn from you on blogging).

    Did someone manage to record down your presentation? If yes, then you can upload the video for your readers viewing.

  2. Hello Liewcf, since you said your mother saw the cheques were mailing in every month, hence, I thought she should know the X amount. Hahah!

    Next time when I make more money online then I also want to hire your accountant. Hehe!

  3. Yea le weilian, this is the future Liew Gate..heheheh.Just want to know who is Alang, the one the could not attend at the last minute. Is he a blogger also?

  4. Good job done in the talk. Being nervous is normal even for those who used to pubilc speaking. Will get better and better after more practice. So maybe next time people invite you to speak, you must come ah! :-)

  5. thank you, guys. you are so kind :)

    @weilian & @abeku: I look so nerd huh?
    @iCalvyn & @Rice Blogger: let’s meet next time :)
    @kaiwah: sorry for no inform. I don’t think there was videocam in the gathering.
    @Eddie Law: my mom only see the envelop from USA. I intro my accountant to you next time.
    @abeku: alang has a blog but his main online income is not from blog.
    @Ricky: if people invite me, I will go :)

  6. Yes I would like to invite you to speak again, maybe in more depth. Your experience is going to be helpful. Not now but in coming months. Sorry I didn’t get your namecard. Pls let me have your contact details. You can send to ricky at rickysoo dot com :-)

  7. Though I thought speaking about yourself wasn’t a good idea but it was the safest route since it’s your first talk. :)

    Probably see you doing more in future. LOL!

  8. Well. The presentation slide looks simple, but informative. It have been a very long time you didn’t update your blog. So glad to see you back on track! Welcome Back!! Long waited post!!

  9. Just wanted to appreciate your firm decision in following your vision to the peak. Keep blogging man! I could easily notice how excited you are toward your goals. From your new friend.

  10. again, why’s the ratio of M-F in KL tech meetups around 8 or more to-1? Penang meetups on the other hand tend to look as good as 50-50.

    all the gorgeous ones only go to clubs eh??

  11. as a first timer, you are doing pretty ok. just make sure your mouth is near the pic, the voice was too soft. keep it up, u sure can do much better! you already able to make ppl laugh. it’s a very good sign.


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