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Today, I received the first Text Link Ads Feedvertising ad (ad on blog feed) order. The advertiser is Backup Platinum, a handy backup program. That monthly price to advertise on LiewCF feed is $170.00.

Although I am new to TLA Feedvertising feed advertising, I have actually making revenue from Feedburner Ad Network (FAN, feed ad program from Feedburner) since June 2006 and received the first payment at October 2006. I received the biggest payment from FAN for the revenue at December 2006, $537.32.

FeedBurner Ad Revenue Share Payment for Dec 06
FeedBurner Ad Revenue Share Payment for Dec 06

How to make money from blog feed?

While I am making money from site visitors, I don’t think feed advertising will make much difference to my total online income, but no harm to try. I was wrong. I am glad that I have been invited to join Feedburner Ad Network. Now, feed advertisement is one of my main income source.

Yes, FAN is by invitation only. You need to get enough feed subscribers to join the network. However, don’t give up. While you are building your feed subscribers, you can join Text Link Ads and use the Feedvertising program for your blog feed. Beside advertiser’s ads, you can add your own ads(e.g. affiliate link) too.

For tips to increase feed subscribers, I highly recommend CopyBlogger’s four simple steps to more blog subscribers. Read and implement the tips on your blog!

Thank you, feed readers

If you are reading this from your feed reader, I would like to thanks for your support. Like other 2,000+ feed readers, your support has made “making money with blog feed” possible. Please drop me a message if you have any suggestion to improve site feed. Thank you!

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