How to Make LESS Money with Chitika Premium

Chitika heavily pushes the Chitika Premium product, does it really make more money than Google AdSense? Read on to find out the simple test result on my own blog.

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AdSense vs. Chitika Premium

I was using the combination of Chitika Premium (450×90) and Google AdSense large rectangle (336×280) under the blog post title.

The combination seems ok but the earning is not up to my expectation.

With Chitika’s recommendation, I applied the super large Chitika Premium MEGA unit (550×250) just right below the page header. The Chitika earning had a boost but greatly affect the AdSense earning…

OK. How about not apply Chitika Premium at all?

Google AdSense vs. Chitika Premium

As soon as I removed the Chitika Premium from my blog, the AdSense earning had a boost and the total is even more than the previous combination of “Chitika Premium + Google AdSense”!

What I learned from the test?

Most of my blog traffic comes from search engines and Chitika Premium should work well. However, the Chitika CPM is lower than Google AdSense. Therefore, even with the BIG Chitika Premium MEGA unit (high click-thru-rate), the earning is still lower than Google AdSense.

So, Chitika Premium is useless?

No. It was a simple test of a few days and every site is different. You should test on your own sites to see the result.

I’ll still apply Chitika Premium but the best ad placement spot will be reserved to Google AdSense, at least for the moment.

What works now doesn’t mean it will work forever. We should always do testing, testing, and testing.

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5 thoughts on “How to Make LESS Money with Chitika Premium”

  1. Hi Liew –

    This makes sense. Chitika is meant to be an ADDITIONAL source of revenue for you – not to replace your AdSense units.

    For example – your said that your best AdSense unit is at the top of your page. You should not replace this with Chitika. Instead, you should use a Chitika MEGA-Unit directly below the article content, in addition to your best AdSense unit.

    This way, you keep all of the high earnings in your best AdSense slot, and add some additional revenue with the Chitika unit below the content.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other feedback – we always appreciate it.


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