Here’s a Quick Way to Make Money from Twitter using Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates introduced a Share on Twitter feature to allow members to share product links via Twitter, with their affiliate id embedded. Members will earn referral money if their Twitter followers buy the product via the link.

Here I show you how to make money using the Amazon Associates’ “Share on Twitter” feature. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Wait! you need to be a member of Amazon Associates. Registration is free. Of course, you must be a Twitter user too!

Got both accounts? Great! Read on for the tutorial.

  1. Login your Amazon Associates account, activate the “Site Stripe“. Then, visit any product page. You will get the “Site Stripe” with a “Share on Twitter” link in it. Site Stripe with Site Stripe with “Share on Twitter” link

  2. Click on the “Share on Twitter” link. A new window will open and load the Twitter homepage with Amazon-generated message pre populated (you can edit it, of course).

    A shorturl link (with your affiliate id embedded) is appended to the end of the message.

    one of the “Share on Twitter” message format

    As far as I discovered, the pre-populated Twitter message has a few different formats:

    Check out this Amazon deal: ‘[product name]’ by [author] [link]

    Great deal on “[product name]” by [author] [link]

    Just saw this on Amazon: ‘[product name]’ by [author] for [price] [link]

    The message format is chosen randomly. You can try to click on the “Share on Twitter” link on the Site Stripe for a few more times to get a different version.

  3. When you are happy with the Twitter message. Click on the Twitter “Update” button. Then, pray that your Twitter follower will follow the link and buy the product.

Yes, only 3 steps to make money using Amazon Associates’ Share on Twitter link. Told you it is as easy as 1-2-3, haven’t I? ;)

My two cents

I am member of Amazon Associates for years. I use the commission earned to buy books on Meaning, I get FREE books from!

With the new “Share with Twitter” feature, you can now recommend a great product with friends and, at the same time, stand a chance to make some money.

Highly recommended!

*Have you found other ways to make money from Twitter?

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4 thoughts on “Here’s a Quick Way to Make Money from Twitter using Amazon Associates”

  1. Good idea indeed. Post the Amazon Associates at the Twitter share with the follower, it is another easy ways also for sharing, is it make available the same method with ? I have tried it before on

  2. This is an awful idea. It will amount to nothing more than Twitter spam. Twitter is already full of spammers and becoming useless and now every Amazon Associate will be dropping links.

    Personally, I would unfollow every person who drops Amazon links on me. One person that comes to mind is Chris Brogan with his massive following of twitter sheep. He reviews a lot of books with his Amazon links attached. He has a gazillion sheep following him and I expect that he and others will start spamming the crap out of everybody. Could be wrong, but I doubt it.


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