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Malaysia iPad: Pick A Wireless Broadband Data Plan

Apple iPad (WiFi+3G)

Malaysia – If you have bought an Apple iPad, you might want to consider subscribing a wireless broadband data plan to keep your iPad online all the time, even when there is no WiFi.

Read on for the iPad data plans from Maxis and DiGi.

Maxis iPad data plan

Maxis announced data plans exclusive to iPad (come with microSIM card) as soon as Apple iPad is officially available in Malaysia.

maxis ipad data plans

The Maxis iPad data plans start from RM70 (3.5GB/month), available in both postpaid and prepaid form. RM10 discount is given to existing Maxis customer for iPad data postpaid plans.

If you have iPad WiFi, you could buy MiFi (USB modem) from Maxis.

Check out the details of Maxis iPad data plan.

DiGi iPad data plan

While DiGi do not have “exclusive” data plans for iPad, their existing wireless broadband plans are “iPad-friendly” (microSIM card provided) too, as announced on DiGi facebook page.

The DiGi Discover Day Plan (RM38/month for 3GB) is the most affordable plan but is limited to 700kbps download speed, from 7am-7pm. After 7pm, speed will be throttled to 128kbps.

LiewCF’s choice of iPad data plan

In my opinion, the so-called-iPad-data-plans are basically same as existing wireless broadband plans from the telcos.

I currently subscribe Maxis’ broadband special offer for existing customer at RM48/month for 3GB data quota, plus free USB modem. That’s a better deal than the Maxis iPad data plan!

The only thing I need to do is cut the SIM card into microSIM size, so that it could be inserted into my iPad 3G. Trust me, it is easy. I did it for my iPhone SIM card.

If you do not need a fast connection but want to keep iPad always connected, then the DiGi Discovery Day Plan would be ideal. If you like faster download speed, then spend few more bucks on Maxis data plan.

What’s your choice of data plan for iPad?

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