3 Reasons Why Malaysians Want to Buy Singapore iPhone 4

cheap iPhone 4 prices in Singapore

Malaysia: Malaysians have been waiting for iPhone 4 from local telcos, Maxis and DiGi, for months but still no sign of release date. Here are the reasons why Malaysians want to buy iPhone 4 from the neighbor country, Singapore.

1. iPhone 4 is not available yet in Malaysia

It is now 24th August, a month since both Maxis and DiGi announced their iPhone 4 register of interest pages, Malaysians are still waiting for their iPhone 4.

Maxis teased us that “iPhone 4 is coming very soon” in early August. But still no words about release date.

2. You can buy Singapore iPhone 4 online (Contract Free!)

Singapore Apple Online Store is selling unlocked, contract free iPhone 4 on its website. Malaysians could ask their relatives or friends in Singapore to help to order iPhone 4 online. Waiting period is 2-3 weeks.

3. Singapore iPhone 4 is CHEAP!

Even IF Malaysia iPhone 4 has been released, you might also want to consider buying a Singapore iPhone 4, because it is the 2nd cheapest iPhone 4 in the World (Hong Kong iPhone 4 is the cheapest)

See the image above.

Singapore iPhone 4 16GB is SGD$888 (around RM2050); iPhone 4 32GB is SGD$1048 (around RM2418). As comparison, the Maxis iPhone-3GS-not-4 32GB without contract is RM2990.

My two cents

Ever since Maxis and DiGi announced to offer iPhone 4, I keep getting questions about the iPhone 4 release date. Too bad, I have no little bird inside the telcos to leak any info.

Here I predict that Malaysians will get iPhone 4 in September 2010.

If Maxis and DiGi do NOT offer iPhone 4 in September, they might lose many customers: some buy iPhone 4 in Singapore; others can’t wait and switch to Android smartphones.

Don’t you agree?

[img via MacStories.net, modified by editor]

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15 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Malaysians Want to Buy Singapore iPhone 4”

  1. I am currently playing wait and see. I would not jump immediately on the low price from Singapore. Mainly because there are so many defect issues with IP4, just google for it and you will find all whole list of issues on top of the famous grip of death. Grip of death is nothing compare to those manufacturing/design faults. Therefore, I strongly believe ease of warranty claim is important. If Maxis offer RM200-300 extra, I dont mind getting from them.

  2. Yeah, even maxis launch it now, i don’t think the price would be cheaper than singapore. Look at the current maxis plan for iphone 3gs. faint. Anyway, get it from Australia is another alternative, it’s now in stock without waiting. I got mine from there.

  3. Very true. The more our telcos delay, the more customers they will be losing. Its not that difficult for us to hop across the border to get one especially since the RM is quite strong these days. Even if our telcos launch the iPhone 4 here in Malaysia it will be interesting to see how competitive the price is going to be against the price in Singapore.

  4. Just ordered my iPhone 4G 32G from Singapore. There is NO WAY Maxis or Digi will be able to offer a contractless Iphone 4G cheaper than Apple Singapore. Besides, from my experience with the 3GS, if u order ur Malaysian iPhone thru the local telcos, you r only entitled to only a 1-year warranty. After that, God bless you. For some mysterious reason you can’t even buy the Applecare extended warranty. So my advice is if u MUST get a Malaysian iPhone 4 or even 3GS for that matter, get it thru Apple resellers in Malaysia, that way at least got option to purchase the Applecare warranty. Believe me, you will need it.

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