Maxis Offer Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE in Malaysia, 3 Weeks After the Non-LTE version

Maxis Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Maxis Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (4G) is now available in Malaysia from Maxis Berhad first. The retail price is RM2499, you can get it as low as RM1399 with Maxis data plan.

Surprisingly, the release date is only 3 weeks after the first Samsung Galaxy S4 Non–4G LTE version introduced by Malaysia telcos. I am sure that some early Galaxy S4 owners are unhappy now.

Maxis Galaxy S4 LTE plans

Like Samsung Galaxy S4 non-LTE, you can buy S4 with LTE from Maxis by subscribing the same plans: TalkMore 48, TalkMore 78, and SurfMore 75. The only different is the device storage capacity and device price. The Galaxy S4 LTE is 32GB model with retail price RM2499; The Galaxy S4 3G 16GB model is RM2199. We can see that the price different in storage capacity, not 4G LTE feature.

The following table shows the different unit price of different Maxis plans for Galaxy S4 (16GB) and S4 LTE (32GB):

Maxis Galaxy S4 plans
Maxis Galaxy S4 plans

Maxis One Club memeber can get Galaxy S4 LTE at RM999 for limited time offer by signing up a 24-month contract with TalkMore 78 plan.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Samsung Mobile’s 2013 flagship Android smartphone model with countless software features. Maxis is the first Malaysian telco to launch 4G LTE services in Malaysia.

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