Maxis WiFi Modem (Huawei E5832 3G Wireless Modem) Review

Maxis WiFi Modem (Huaiwei E5832)

Maxis WiFi Modem (Huawei E5832 3G wireless modem) is a MiFi that connects to 3G network and creates a personal WiFi hotspot to provide Internet access for up to 5 devices.

Read on for the product photos and detail review.

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What’s in the box

Maxis WiFi Modem (Huaiwei E5832)

In the simple packing, there are the Maxis WiFi modem (Huawei E5832), an USB cable, quick start guide, copyright and safety information, and a quick tips sticker.

The quick start guide provides important information about the WiFi modem. (Yes, I know you don’t read it) The Quick Tips sticker is helpful to remind you about the meaning of the LED light indicators. There are 5 of them! I would suggest you paste the sticker at the back of the device.

E5832 wireless modem specs

It supports HSPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS networks. Up to 7.2Mbps download and 5.76Mbps upload speed. Supports WiFi 802.1b/g and able to connect simultaneously up to 5 devices.

There is a Micro SD memory card slot (support to up to 32GB) and the WiFi modem can serve as USB storage device when connected to computer via USB port.

The battery life last 4 hours per charge. You charge it via an USB port.

Price: RM380 from Maxis without contract.

The design

Maxis WiFi Modem (Huaiwei E5832)

The WiFi modem looks like a mini size mobile phone, easy to be carried around in any pocket. The plastic casing is solid and I like the shinny silver front.

Maxis WiFi Modem (Huaiwei E5832)

On the right side, there is a dialing button at the upper side. Use the button to manually turn on/off Internet connection. (Internet connection is automatic on by default.) Below the dialing button are the WiFi/WPS button and power button. The WiFi/WPS button is used to turn on/off the WiFi network connection.

Maxis WiFi Modem (Huaiwei E5832)

On the left side of WiFi modem is the Micro SD card slot.

Maxis WiFi Modem (Huaiwei E5832)

Open up the back cover, there is a 1500mAh battery (last 4 hours) and SIM card slot at the back.

Setup wireless connection

Setting up Maxis WiFi modem is easy. Follow the step-by-step instruction here:

  1. Open up the back cover.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Slow in the SIM card received from your telco.
  4. Write down the SSID and WiFi key. (your devices need them to connect to the WiFi network)
  5. Put back the battery.
  6. Close up the back cover.
  7. Turn on the wireless modem.
  8. Wait one or two minutes for it to start up and connect to Internet.
  9. Done. Now you can connect to the Maxis WiFi modem’s WiFi network from your devices.

Maxis broadband software

Maxis broadband software

If you connects the Maxis WiFi modem to a computer via USB port. It will auto detect and install the Maxis broadband application. The software allows you to connect to Internet, launch the MyLaunchPad (Maxis broadband self-help website), and access SMS and phonebook in the SIM card.

3G wireless modem web interface

3g wireless modem interface

For advanced users only. The Maxis WiFi modem included a web interface control panel like the other modem router. You can access it from from your router. (IP address can be modified via the web panel.)

The web panel provides more advanced settings for system, SIM, mobile network, dial-up, DHCP, and WiFi.

My two cents

If you have a few devices (smartphone, PSP, iPad, computer, etc) that needs to connect to Internet while you are traveling, get the E5832 wireless modem. It is small and easy to use.

The major drawback would be the 4 hours battery life. If you use a notebook, then it is not a problem. And, it is little pricey.

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