Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud

Review: Moto Hint – Smart Wireless Bluetooth Earbud

Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud
Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud

Are you still using a Bluetooth headset that struck out from your ear? Bluetooth headset that only answer/reject call is outdated.

Moto Hint is smart wireless Bluetooth earbud that fits in your ear and response to your voice commands. Check out my review below.

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Award Winning Design

Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud
Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud

Moto Hint design has won iF Design Award 2015. The earbud is as small and lightweight as a candy.

It has a touch area for answer/ignore call and start voice commands. The tiny earbud has front and back microphones.

What you get in the package is the Moto Hint wireless Bluetooth earbuds, wireless charging case, a micro-USB charging cable, and 4 different sizes ear gels.

Moto Hint wireless charging case
Moto Hint wireless charging case

The wireless charging case is about the size of two packs of chewing gum. The fabric-like case has good grip in hand and doesn’t leave fingerprint smudges.

It can be your keychain with the strap holder with light indicator at the top. The micro USB charging port is at the bottom. Push the bottom to extend the case and reveal the Moto Hint housing with 5 metal pins.

You need to charge Moto Hint before you use it. For wireless charging, you insert the earbud into wireless charging case then close the case to begin charging. You can also charge the earbud while charging the wireless charging case via micro USB cable.

Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud
Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud

A fully charged Moto Hint can last for over 3 hours phone calls and a fully charged case can recharge the earbud up to 4 times.

What can Moto Hint do?

Moto Hint is comfortable to fit in your ear. You can try a different ear gel size to match with your ear. It does not drop easily.

Moto Hint has ear detect to automatically turns “on” when it is fit in your ear. Simply follows the voice guide for first time pairing.

Once paired, the voice guide will tell you how many hours of battery life left. It will prompt you when battery is low, too.

Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud
Moto Hint wireless bluetooth earbud

Moto Hint allows you to answer a call with a touch or say “answer”. To reject a call, simply say “ignore”. It is also compatible with tablet, and computer with Bluetooth connection.

You do not have to wear Moto Hint all the time for incoming calls. Thanks to the ear sensor, you can simply put the earbud in your ear to answer a call.

If you are in the middle of a call, put Moto Hint in ear will immediately transfer the call from phone to earbud. Taking out the earbud will transfer call back to your phone or pause music.

To launch a voice command, you touch the earbud and say a command. Moto Hint will launch Google Voice (Android) or Siri (iOS) to take your voice commands.

Moto Hint works with Moto Voice for “always on” feature and more advance voice commands. Moto Voice feature is available on Moto X (2nd gen), Droid Turbo, and Moto Maxx phones.

Here are some examples that you can do with Moto Hint:

  • Voice dial a contact
  • Answer/ignore an incoming call with voice command
  • Send and SMS or WhatsApp message
  • Update Facebook status
  • Translate a word or phrase into another language
  • Get turn-by-turn navigation directions
  • Play a song
  • Check your next appointments
  • Set a reminder
  • Set an alarm
  • Any a random question

Who is it for?

Moto Hint Bluetooth earbud is for you, who is looking for a stylish hand-free Bluetooth headset that does not awkwardly hang outside your ear. It is your personal assistant without having to draw out your smartphone from pocket. You don’t even need to put it in ear all the time. Thanks to the smart ear sensor, you only wear it when you need.

Where to buy Moto Hint?

Moto Hint’s recommended retail price is RM 688 including GST. You can buy it online stores, such as YHS Online Stores, Lazada, Superbuy.

It is also available at IT stores like IT Hyperstore, Flash Gadget, Smartworld (Emart Pudu), and Uni One Tech.

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